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Private Balcony ?

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by justcruzin, Apr 6, 2004.

  1. justcruzin

    justcruzin Guest

    Hi Folks,

    Can anyone tell me if the balcony rooms have some form of privacy? Do I need to ask the booking agent specifically for one type of balcony room over another? We would like to eat some breakfast in bathrobes or admire the sunset without being ogled.

  2. Darlene

    Darlene Guest

    Our balcony on the Pride had smokey glass partitions to separate it from the one on the other side. We didn't have any one on the other side because I believe we were on what I have heard referred to as the bump out.
  3. diverdiver

    diverdiver Guest

    You can't see the balconies on either side of you, but you can sure hear a lot! The aft balcony cabins are tiered, so if you stand on the Lido deck fantail, you can pretty much see them all.
  4. MandyBear

    MandyBear Guest


    We were on the Destiny - there were solid metal partitions between balcony. We could not even see if anyone was on thier balcony unless we looked between the three inches below the partition for feet (think bathroom stall..) OR if they were leaning over their security wall looking out.

    I LOVED having a private balcony. We had a lucky upgrade at no additional charge 4 weeks prior to sailing.

  5. Camelia

    Camelia Guest

    I agree with diverdiver: you can't see, but you can hear. The woman on the Glory next to our balcony was constantly fighting with her son. She was yelling "shut your mouth"; he was talking back; she slapped him, etc. It was awful, if that goes on while on vacation I don't even want to know what this family does normally at home.
  6. tg_lindo

    tg_lindo Guest

    I was on the Destiny, and our cabin was dark. There was a lot of light coming out of the cabin next door, and it was creating a shadow, onto the smoked glass partition, of what I thought were two people doing something naughty on their balcony!

    Eventually, the shadows moved again and it was just one person and the deck chair. Maybe I had gotten too much sun that day?
  7. AngelaAngel

    AngelaAngel Guest

    The aft balconies are not 100% viewable from the Lido deck. You can only see about 1 foot of the edge of each one if you look down. Maybe even only 8 inches. Trust me, I just had one 2 weeks ago. So the only way someone could see the top of your head is if you are standing right against the railing.
  8. My wife and I had sex on ours and it was pretty concealed. Frankly, if you're feeling frisky doing it on the balcony is quite fun.
  9. djv316

    djv316 Guest

    Hi there --

    We are debating over the aft deck (with the larger balcony) on the VERANDAH level for our cruise on the VALOR in March of 2005. Do you recommend these? Concerns I have:

    -back of ship below the Lido deck (noisey)
    -not as much of a breeze in the back of the ship

    Have you had a regular balcony room before to compare to this room?

    Thanks for any advice you can give me !!
  10. relliea

    relliea Guest

    We were on the Pride's aft Empress deck. We couldn't hear noise from any of the decks above. The 8E far aft cabins are protected which was wonderful with the 20+ knot winds heading back from Cabo. We got an extra day to sunbathe. A great location.
  11. Mr. Cruzvirgin

    Good to know there are other people that like to have fun out there.
  12. singelcruzchick

    amen sista
  13. eileen111

    eileen111 Guest

    We'll be on the Spirit with an aft balcony on the Empress Deck - room 6333. Can you tell me the size of the balcony? What types of chairs/tables are on the balcony? Is it pretty private? Does the cabin have a couch in it?
    Thank you for any info!
  14. relliea

    relliea Guest

    Eileen your #6333 cabin has a built in sofa with nice big drawers underneath for storage. The balcony is extended - I think it's 60s/f--
    It has 2 white patio chairs and a small table. One an upright chair the other sit's low & reclines like a plastic sand chair.
    For sunbathing I'd sit in the lower chair and & use the small table to stretch out my legs. It worked just fine.
    The deck windows on the aft get alot of spray. I'd go out there every morning with a damp bath towel and wipe down the furniture and glass panel.
    I've found Carnivals "freebee" mouthwash works great as an alternative window cleaner. <g>
    Enjoy your aft balcony cabin.
  15. eileen111

    eileen111 Guest

    Thank you so much for this information! One more question...are you able to order a hot breakfast to eat on the balcony? Is the table large enough for that?
    Thank you AGAIN!
  16. jimlinalf

    jimlinalf Guest

    We didn't order anything from room service except coffee, tea, and rolls etc for breakfast, and enjoyed them on the balcony.

  17. relliea

    relliea Guest

    The small patio table will hold one tray so you can eat your breafast outside. We never ordered a 'full breakfast' to our room, but we did order in hot chocolate, danish, juice, fruit & and yogurt for two & sat on our balcony every morning in our bathrobes.
    There's nothing like breathing in that heavenly salty air!
    Make sure you take a bungee cord to prop open the balcony door.
    We wrapped one end to the base of the divider next door & the other to our balcony door handle & it worked great.

    Hope this helps.
  18. diverdiver

    diverdiver Guest

    I think Carnival only offers a continental-style breakfast through room service. At least that's all that was available on every Carnival ship I've been on. Now, Holland America..eggs, bacon, sausage...the works.
  19. tlscant

    tlscant Guest

    Just make sure that your neighbor turns off the light to the balcony when it's bedtime.
  20. eileen111

    eileen111 Guest

    Yup, I've read about the neighbors and the lights!!!! LOL!!!tlscant wrote:

    > Just make sure that your neighbor turns off the light to the
    > balcony when it's bedtime.

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