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Private Balcony ?

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by justcruzin, Apr 6, 2004.

  1. djv316

    djv316 Guest

    We have book the aft cabin on the Verandah deck for the 3/2005 cruise on the VALOR. However, our friends do not want to book next to us as they are afraid that this area of the ship will REALLY feel the rocking of their are rough seas. Did you experience any of this....and if you had to wipe down your windows every day, do you get wet with spray while you are using the deck. Also, did you get a breeze at the back of the ship?
  2. relliea

    relliea Guest

    No we didn't feel any spray while we were out on our blacony. I think those plexiglass windows get "sprayed" from the workers who wash down the decks above every night. It wasn't a problem wiping them down to get a clearer view.
    As for movement, we did feel more movement in our AFT cabin than we have midship. This was also the 'roughest ride' of the 3 cruises we've taken to the Mexican Riviera.
    We didn't get seasick but other folks did so tell your friends to take Bonine every day and they should be fine.
  3. jimlinalf

    jimlinalf Guest

    We had an 8A on the Miracle for a short cruise and did notice the spray. Was probably wind driven, seemed to happy during the night. Our deck was one above the deck that has the gangway, actually we were almost directly over the gangway, starboard side.

    Even with the dampness in the morning, the balcony was worth the expense.

  4. djv316

    djv316 Guest

    When you say that these balconies receive alot of "spray" - when you are sitting out on the balcony are you constantly getting salt water sprayed on you -- in your opinion, have you been happier with this location in the ship (and the size of the balcony)? I like that it is at the end of the ship and away from the elevators/stairs. We are booked on the VALOR for a March, 2005 sailing.
  5. relliea

    relliea Guest

    No, we didn't feel any salt water spray on us when we were sitting out on our patio.
    I's definately book a far aft 8E balcony again. I didn't mind the longer walk to the stairways, plus these rooms are very quiet since there's so little foot traffic.
  6. jquart77

    jquart77 Guest

    Thanks for all the advice on the aft cabin topic, relliea especially. I am booked in an aft cabin, 5299 on the Pride to Mexico 5/23/04. We are so excited about our first cruise. My TA told us that the balcony was even bigger than the 60 sq. ft. extended balconies in most 8C rooms due to the fact it was at the back of the boat sandwiched in-between the suites. Is this true? It was a huge selling point as I love to sit outside and relax on my own. It looks bigger on the deck plans, but I have heard those can be decieving. Any other info on the balcony or aft cabin life would be awesome!!! Like I said before, I am out of my head excited.

  7. Be careful of the other kind of spray you can get on the balcony.

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