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private europe tours

Discussion in 'Europe' started by mitch, Jan 30, 2004.

  1. mitch

    mitch Guest

    First time Mediterranean cruise. Please help me with some privit tour operators the you would recomend. I need help in villefranche, livorno(florance/piza), naples, venice,dobrovnick, corfu, and cevitaveccea(rome). thank you
  2. lory04

    lory04 Guest

    I would recommend Gennaro of Sorrentolimo.We used this company last September and we had an unforgettable experience.
    Their web-site is www.sorrentolimo.com
  3. mitch

    mitch Guest

    thank you. sorrento, is that a tour for witch Italian port? livorno, naples, venice or rome?
    thank you
  4. wwinfl91

    wwinfl91 Guest


    My wife and I did a cruise on the Golden last summer and had an excellent guide in Florence. Her name was Paola and her website is:


    We did the tour with 3 other couples and had a great time and Paola did a great job. I would highly recommend her.

    In Naples we also used sorrentolimo. They provided us with a driver and a vehicle rather than a guide but also arranged for us to get an official guide at Pompeii. We had a good time there and at Herculaneum as well as being able to tour Naples and see the archelogical museum where a lot of artifacts from both the above sites are on exhibit. I would also recommend them.


    We did Venice on our own as we ended our cruise there and spend an extra 3 days after the cruise enjoying that fantastic city.

    We didn;t go to dobrovnick, corfu, or cevitaveccea(rome) so I can't help you there.

    We did do Monte Carlo where we used dreamtours.


    They also did a good job and I would recommend them also. They were also the only independent guide we dealt with that took credit cards.

    Have a great cruise.
  5. Sounds like the cruise we did last Sept. In Venice and Dubrovnik do your own thing. Both cities are very walkable and if you're sailing Millie, Celebrity provides a shuttle into town at both ports. In Naples, Civatecchia, and Livorno, we used Bob's Tours out of Rome. Rudy our english speaking driver picked us up at each port and took us to all the places we wanted to go and then still showed us some additional delights, like Positano. (from Naples). Rudy was great, we hit Rome on the day of their great power failure. NOTHING was open, not even the Colousiem or Forum (no security cameras), and although all the guides were scrambling trying to figure out what do with us tourists, amazingly enough Rudy managed to keep us happily occupied all day. We did a lot of outside stuff like the Aquaduct and Appian Way, things tourists don't usually see on a 1 day tour, and they provided us with a bottle of wine each day. He was also a real good time. By day 3 Rudy had us singing "Born in the USA" on the way back to the ship. In Villefranche we used Eva at Provence Sightseeing. She took us from Antibes to Monte Carlo on all 3 corniches. She is very intelligent and speaks excellent english, and took us to all the "right" places. She also acted as a guide. Fantastic. I can tell you, I think we got the equivalent of the ship's Exclusive tours at a price lower than the ships non-exclusive excursions, but there were 6 or 8 of us.

    Eva Devemy E-mail: prov-sight@fr.inter.net. If you want Bob's web site let me know.
  6. mitch

    mitch Guest

    Thank you for the info. Yes,please give me Bob's web site. Do you recall the price of the service's of any of these tours?
    thank you
  7. Mitch:

    Bob's E-mail is bobfraz@libero.it
    Website is: romelimousines.com
    Not sure how good my memory is but I think the Italy tours were 9 hrs and ranged from approx $550-$675 USD, for 8 of us. I think Florence/Pisa was the most expensive. (Had the best pizza in our life there!). The France trip was 8 hours and was about $600 (can't remember if US or Euro $$), and I think we had Van that seated 6 or 8 although only 4 of us went. (Some of our group cancelled the cruise due to hurricane flooding the morning of the trip). Bob quoted prices in US Dollars, which was good as we knew the exact cost, and didn't have to worry about the exchange rate going up (which it did), Eva quoted in Euros, but accepted US Dollars also, using a calculator to figure the rate. One thing I do remember is that our per person rate in Italy worked out to less than the average ship tours for 8/9 hours, with us seeing what the ship's "exclusive" minivan tours were seeing. France is a different story as we booked and paid for more people than we had (because I was too scatter-brained, and couldn't find Eva's E-mail address to advise of the last minute change in our number and we were hoping to pick up someone else onboard) but it still was only about $150 per person. Since I had made the reservations (and picked the tour operators) for our diverse group, I was very glad I had made these choices. Its a great trip, we loved it, and want to go back to all the cities in Italy.
  8. mitch

    mitch Guest

    thank you very much for the info!!
  9. mka

    mka Guest

    My husband and I just completed our 12 day Mediterranean Cruise. Here is a list of local tour operators we used:

    Naples - We used Marcello Maresca from See Sorrento. Our trip will included a visit to Pompeii, then the drive along the Amalfi coast with a stop at his family's restaurant for lunch. Marcello owns the business and has another driver to assist him when he his personally booked up. His website is www.seesorrento.com Marcello's email address is marcellomaresca@tin.it

    Athens - we used Spiros from www.athenstaxi.net He is very reasonable...around 200 euro for up to 4 people for a full day tour.

    Villefranche - We are booked through Dream Tours for a tour to Monte Carlo, Monaco, Nice, Eze, and St. Paul de Vence. Alain is the person who handles the reservations. He was VERY helpful and put up with dozens of emails from me. The website is www.dream-tours.com You can email him at infos@dream-tours.com I have also heard that Sylvie De Cristo (sp?) is a wonderful guide here, as well.

    Kusadasi (Ephesus) - We used Byzance Limo. The website is http://more.at/Byzance The site lists all of the tours and prices. I found them very courteous, professional, and very quick to respond to my emails. There are many wonderful reviews about this company. They were first class and the guides were helpful, informative and very flexible. It was something we enjoyed so much (a feast for the eyes, ears and senses).
  10. MoesKid

    MoesKid Guest

    What ship and when? We're on Brilliance of the Seas from Aug 18th -- if you're on same would like to communicate with you about hiring guides in ports. I have checked with some and most will take groups up to 6 to 8 -- there are two of us.
  11. Ilene

    Ilene Guest

    Hi...Did you ever get any info regarding private tours/drivers in Florence, Rome or Villefranche? We are on the Brilliance on Aug 18-30 and with so little time in a port, we think private or small group touring is best. Send any info my way. Thanks...! Ilene
  12. Ilene

    Ilene Guest

    Hi! We are also on your cruise.... Brilliance, Aug. 18th (Family of 4... 2 boys who are 17 and 20). Have you made any headway with drivers, particularly in Villefranche (we want to go to Monaco, Nice/Cannes and Eze), Florence, and Rome?

    Let me know, ok? Ilene (from Maryland)

    you can respond to the email address above

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