Private Tour Sharing Anyone? -Celebrity Summit-August 24-26



Hi everyone,

My spouse and I are interested in joining another group booked on a private tour in Athens, Santorini, Florence, Rome, Naples, and Nice.

Please contact me if you have either already booked a tour and have room for two more people, or, contact me if you have not booked a tour and are looking to do so with more people in order to lower the cost.

We have heard that the tours are very exciting, however they can be rather expensive with only two people. So we're hoping to connect with fellow cruisers to share good times, wonderful sights, and most importantly, save money for other things by sharing the cost.

We have been on four previous cruises (Caribbean, Hawaii, Alaska, and Mexico), however this will be our first European cruise and we are very excited. We love cruising!!

Hope to hear from you soon.