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Problem Smokers

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by SHANNON & CATHY, Sep 21, 2003.

  1. Nanette

    Nanette Guest

    As a "Part time Smoker", (vacations and parties), I shall smoke like a chimney. I'll do it ONLY in the "smoking" areas, but I won't be bullied by anti-smoking-advocates.

    If our smoking bothers you that much, book your next cruise on the Paradise.
  2. ali38

    ali38 Guest

    well said nanette! I work in a hospital where we have RT's and Dr.'s and such that smoke regardless to what kinds of diseases it causes.I work on a cardiac floor and i smoke, i qiut for 3 months ans started back up.quitting is easier said than done no matter how hard you try.
  3. Again, People keep missing the point. I'm not trying to "bully" anyone. Smoke if you want (hey it's job security for me..."hold still while I put this tube in sir") just do it in the appropriate areas. Not in hallways, elevators and the like. As for the Paradise I truly LOVE that ship. However I don't want to revisit the same ports on the same ship year after year. If I suggested all smokers pick one ship on which to sail I would be drawn and quartered in the streets. A little common courtsey is all we're asking for...Respect the fact that there ARE non-smoking areas on the ship (as well as smoking areas). The Great Smoking Debate will go on forever (or at least until one side dies of lung cancer) All I ask for is fairness in "common areas".

    Happy Breathing
  4. randk

    randk Guest

    My two cents worth. My wife is also a RRT in a midwest hospital has been for over 25 years, I was a smoker up til 8 years ago, I also have allergies. I also breath out of one nostril due to a boxing accident when i was very young. That being said i will continue. I believe people should be considerate of others when smoking in a confined area. The reports on 2nd hand smoke are inconclusive, some say it is harmful and others say not. It just depends on what doctor has what for an agenda, No point in arguing that. Smokers also have rights. If someone was rude to me I was rude right back but on the other hand someone who showed some class, I gave class right back and the world went on. I cannot go into a store where there is potpourri and heavy odors, candles, flowers and yes perfume, I get watery eyes, cannot breath and feel miserable. What do i do? I avoid the stuff the best I can. I do not ask the merchant to close, stop selling the stuff, or go and ask that laws get passed against a LEGAL item. I just avoid contact the best I can. Smokers pay a lot in taxes. If they quit then what will they tax next, my candy bar, your beer wine or whiskey, your perfume, your food, how about your medicine. Believe it or not we do need the smokers, if for nothing else than to keep the righteous and the know it alls from attacking my fat intake. Yes I love sweets and am a admitted chocoholic. I just don't attend meetings. ( i am sorry that was not PC) So after all this rambling on let me see this, Smokers, be polite and considerate of the non smokers, smoke in the designated area's only, and wait to light up when in a large crowd. NonSmokers, be polite when around smokers, avoid making snide or nasty remarks, if they are in a area for smokers, move on and let it be. If you can not do that than sail on the Paradise and ask for more non smoking ships. We are all in this together and should work at getting along. Remember also that tobacco is a LEGAL product, for now anyway.
  5. robbyxoxo

    robbyxoxo Guest

    i cant WAIT for the day when carnival and the other cruise lines push the smokers OUTDOORS where they belong!!....having to deal with the cloud of smoke that circulates the indoors of the ship, is BS........allowing smoking in the promenade is sooo not with the times.....look around u anywhere in the US and see how smoking is being pushed OUT of buildings, onto the sidewalks where it belongs.....if the 25% of the adults that smoke want to die a horrid death of cancer, then dandy for them....but id rather die of something a bit more pleasant........smokers deserve to have the same rights as drunk drivers......anybody THAT stupid, as to spend a lifetime addicted to a drug that will most likely kill them, doesnt draw up much sympathy from me.....but the neato part is...no matter what my opinion is, or the opinion of smokers, smoking IS being removed and banned from more and more places...and this trend WILL continue :)....and me verryyyy happy for that...:)....cant WAIT til the cruiselines follow along and no more death trap indoors :)
  6. Nanette

    Nanette Guest

    Keep dreaming, Robby.....

    Cruiselines aren't going to lose the money that European, Canadian and American smokers spend.

    It sounds like it's time for you to book the Paradise. :) :) :)
  7. frito

    frito Guest

    Ok, so the non-smokers should have to sail the Paradise from now on---right?? Regardless of how many times we go to those same ports, over and over and over, sail the Paradise if we want to be free from smoke---right?? Not hardly. What if there were only one smoking ship--and it sailed the same route over and over and over--the smokers would come out of the woodwork over that.
    Shannon is exactly right and so was I in my first post on this on 9-28----- just a little respect from both sides would go a long way.
    I don't pass gas in peoples faces so why do I have to have blue gas from a burning weed blown in mine???
  8. Nanette

    Nanette Guest

    "just a little respect from both sides would go a long way"

    Actually, I smoke ONLY in "designated areas". I respect non-smokers, but refuse to let non-smoking-advocates bully me around.

    *puffing and grinning*
  9. frito

    frito Guest

    Nanette, who is bullying you around? You make it very very plain that you will smoke when you want to and to hell with everyone else.
    No one here has said you couldn't puff away--all anyone has said was that there are areas for puffing and areas for not puffing. Can you dig that??
    As has been said before-- a little respect from both sides is needed but it appears you aren't in agreement. The same old story---" all my way and to hell with the next guy".
    Maybe you need to increase you dosage by a couple more packs a day. That way you will really show those non-smokers how to " puff and grin ".
  10. Nanette

    Nanette Guest


    Read my post again, dear. Apparently you have a problem with understanding the English language. I'm a very "considerate" smoker.

    *puffing and grinning and snickering at ignorance*
  11. Cruisin Gal

    Cruisin Gal Guest

    Well, as a smoker...I will smoke where I'm permitted, if I choose to smoke. There was a time when we were able to smoke in the dining rooms...and that has been stopped, there was a time when we could smoke all over the ship...and now we can't, there was a time when we could smoke in the whole casino area...now in most ships we can't.

    Smokers have given up quite a bit of their rights to accomodate non-smokers. Now, I will say this....I won't smoke where there isn't an ashtray and where it's not permitted, but you can bet your bottom dollar that when some sanctimonious non smoker starts being rude and making wisecracks when I'm smoking in a smoking area...they just might get a cloud floating their way! <G>

    Smokers don't berate or try to make non-smokers uncomfortable, but I'll tell you this....when I take a cruise..I go first class...and I pay big bucks for a cruise and I'll enjoy myself...and I'll enjoy a smoke now and again.

    As for those people who feel the need to tell others how they've seen horrible deaths due to smoking. Well, I've seen horrible deaths as well...and not from tobacco illnesses. I don't think it's necessary to go into the gorey details on a cruise board that's supposed to be for enjoyment of other cruisers.

    Smokers don't need to be preached to anymore than drinkers need to be preached to, or fat people need to be preached to. So, please..save the lectures for another place and another time.

    There's the Paradise and there are specialty cruises on other cruiselines that cater to non-smokers, non-drinkers, non-gamblers, and a host of other special interest groups. There's something for everyone, but if we're all going on the same ship..please don't make someone else's cruise miserable...non smokers and smokers alike.

    Just my opinion.
  12. robbyxoxo

    robbyxoxo Guest

    Cruisin Gal....luckily for us NONsmokers, places for you to smoke, will continue to decrease on the ships....as well as everywhereeee else...more and more restaurants are going totally nonsmoking ... YEAH :)......and for u ppls that want to try and compare perfume smells to a cloud of death smoke....HA...gimme a freakin break.....thats like comparing a dingy to a cruise ship..........its truly a shame that the majority of ppl who are NONsmokers, have to end up smelling like an ashtray, each nite on the way to dinner, on the ships.....trying to defend a smokers habit is pretty close to defending a crack addict...only diff being of course is that smoking cigs is legal.....WHY its legal, and crack isnt, i dunno....i dont think crack kills millions of ppl a year worldwide like cigs do....but hey, maybe yall will luck out ,and their will be an after life......if not....errrrr, sorry that u lost a few extra years here on earth :).......as for preaching to smokers, drinkers, and fat ppl.....I think all 3 groups could use some preaching to :)....Dr Phil does it :) ..........the kewl thing about LIFE, is that when u do STUPID stuff, it generally finds away of biting u in ur aszz sooner or later :).....and kicking the bucket early, due to smoking, or drinking excessively, or being obese, is a pretty good bite in the ole aszzz :)
  13. Bstrieg

    Bstrieg Guest

    All this talk about rights....bottom line is, NOBODY has the right to negatively impact the health of another. Therefore, "smokers rights" are non-existant.

    Randk says "studies" on second hand smoke are inconclusive, and I say all you have to do is feel the impact yourself, and you know the "studies" on second hand smoke may be a LITTLE biased.

    So...I'm with you Robby...public smoking will continue to be banished, and there will be a day when one will NEVER have to take a breath of second hand smoke....and it's coming sooner than anyone thinks.

    Long live the Paradise--but bring on some more!

    "laughing and snickering at ignorance of people who think they look hot/cool/sophisticated with yellow teeth and raspy breath with a cigarette dangling from their lips"

  14. Marshall

    Marshall Guest

    My husband and I are both non smokers and have taken two cruises on the Paradise. Both were great. However, we want take another cruise this year and want a little varitey. We are thinking on going on the Victory in May. How is the smoking on this ship? I wanted to go on the Glory but if the smoke is this bad I will pass.
  15. robbyxoxo

    robbyxoxo Guest

    BSTrieg :)....u steal the words right out of my mouth :)......like it or not.....smokers being able to smoke indoors in public places is going bye bye...and the fact that u and i find it DISGUSTING, makes us happy ppls, knowing that its being removed :)......along with the other MAJORITY of ppl who wont miss having to fight the ashtray ppl....life CAN be fair sometimes after all :)......as for the sailing on the Victory....just be prepared to have to avoid many areas of the ship....if u want to avoid having ur head smothered in smoke clouds.......be prepared to not be able to listen to some tunes, u may have wanted to listen to....because carnival has so far decided that its better to cater to the drug addicts(smokers) and to allow them to infect the air of all..........true enuf.....i shouldnt be bitter towards the smokers....they are within the law by smoking.....its CARNIVAL that sucks, for not gettin with the times and recognizing the trends, and pushing smokers OUTSIDE
  16. randk

    randk Guest

    If I promise to support the non smokers and their right to fresh air and will you promise me, not to interfere with my right to eat what ever I want to when I want and how I want to? I realize that fatty foods and chocolate are not good for me and I might take up more of your space and breath a little more of your air but I promise I will not pollute it (I am a non smoker, have been for many years now) nor will I force my will upon you if I see you doing something I disagree with (drinking to much, having to much fun, showing up in the buffet line with a string on or should I say hanging out sometimes it hard to tell). I am sailing to have fun, relax, mind my own business, and allow my fellow passengers a little lee way, I avoid areas that offend my wife and myself, avoid trouble makers, and generally try to get along. If you see an ashtray it is safe to assume that a smoker is somewhere around, if it offends you avoid that area. Be polite and I am sure they will be polite to you also. But as i said before, once we have gotten rid ot the smokers, what will they tax next? On last point, as one other poster pointed out, cigs kill millions a year, so do cars planes trains fatty foods, plants, animals water alcohol fire snow guns knifes etc etc etc they are all legal but deadly. Use common sense smokers. and maybe the non smokers will go easy..
  17. Cruisin Gal

    Cruisin Gal Guest

    I think most smokers use common sense...and most of them are polite. There are rude people everywhere.

    The cruise industry makes most of it's income off European travelers..and Europeans are much heavier smokers than Americans and I know for a fact that when there's a cruise going out with alot of Europeans on them...they will smoke EVERYWHERE! It's just their culture and it's not frowned upon in other countries.

    carnival isn't under US registry and even if the whole USA banned smoking, the cruise lines wouldn't have to comply.

    I think it's a good idea that the Paradise is non-smoking and it will be nice when more non-smoking ships are put into service. Until the cruise lines start getting most of their revenue from non-smokers...the ships will accomodate smokers.

    Now, be nice and the smokers will be nice to the non-smokers...and even allow them on their smoking ships! <LOL> (just joking)

    I also doubt it very very much that any non-smoker will die from going on a cruise with the smokers for a few days.

    I would like to request that any cruiser who wears Ralph Lauren perfume to please not wear it in the enclosed areas when I'm there...it makes me puke...and that can only make YOU uncomfortable. (just kidding again!)

    Bon Voyage and keep it light...er lit...er...have a good time!
  18. "drinking to much, having to much fun, showing up in the buffet line with a string on or should I say hanging out sometimes it hard to tell)."
    Just a question, what are you talking about "a string" What is that??
  19. randk

    randk Guest

    I was referring to string bikinis or thongs. I should and will apologize for the second part of that line, it was in bad taste and weak attempt at humor. We have been on cruises where people have come into the buffet area with small barely there coverup's and light mesh or see through. There is a time and place for that type of clothing as there is a place for smoking and the buffet is not a place for either. If we want to condem the smokers for thier bad taste in smoking where ever they want should we also condem the others for things that they do that upset us, or would be easier to sit back take a breath count to ten and be thankful that things are not that bad and we can walk away if we wish.
  20. amya

    amya Guest

    Everyone should remember that have non-smoking cruises.


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