Problem Smokers



Nazi is the right name for them people like that are what give americans a bad name in other countries.

I respect the rights of everyone, it sounds as though some have forgotten the golden rule. No matter what your opinion is still applies.



Tell me I wasn't just called a Nazi. I relize this is a sensitive issue, and I've tried to keep an open mind. In my original post I said

" inappropriate areas I'm refering to inside elevators, the hallways outside cabins, doorways of the theater, and elevator lobys. Now before anyone gets up in arms let me explain that I am not talking about folks who are smoking in areas where it is allowed"

later I even posted again saying "Again, People keep missing the point. I'm not trying to "bully" anyone. Smoke if you want ...just do it in the appropriate areas. Not in hallways, elevators and the like."

what part of this qualifies me as a Nazi? It seems a lot of folks are getting bent out of shape over this. Yes, Tobacco is legal. As is alcohol (as someone pointed out) with alcohol there are limits to where you can use the legal product i.e. not driving a car, not walking down the street other words you can't walk into a fast food place and order a McBeer. There are also limits to where you can smoke (i.e. non-smoking areas elevators lobys and the like) if all smokers would refrain from smoking in these places a large part of this issue would go away. Believe it or not smoking in and of itself is not a "right" (Smoking is a privlige, much like driving.) No one has the "right" to walk into a crowded elevator, theater or other designated non-smoking area and light up because he/she feels entitled to do so. It is this group of inconsiderate smokers that are spuring the non-smoking movement. Folks are sick and tired of being exposed to smoke at every turn and feel the best way to deel with it is to eliminate it alltogether. Folks also use the excuse of people annoying them in elevators with perfume, swimwear nauseum Two wrongs do not make a right We should ALL be more considerate to fellow passengers.

As for the Paradise. No one should be limited to one port - iteneary -ship

As for Nazis, they killed millions of innocents (much like tobacco does each year) I don't think non-smokers deserve that kind of stigma.

The point I (and many others) are trying to make is this...Smokers need to be at least as considerate as topless sunbathers (I've yet to see my first in an elevator).

just my two cents.

Cruisin Gal

I agree that wherever there are NO SMOKING should NOT smoke. Smoking IS a right, not a privilege goes along with the Declaration of Independence the pursuit of happiness. <G>

That being said...your analogy of not being able to get a beer in McDonalds...if faulty...because there ARE McDonalds in countries that DO sell beer and wine.

I don't think of non-smokers as being "nazis" that trivializes Nazis and what they stood for. I do think that there are people who are sanctimonious and want others to live the way they think people should live.

Next, I'm not sure there are signs on the hallways of ships stating that one can not smoke. A ship is not bound by the laws in the United States for much of their customs and I doubt seriously they will bend over until they break to accomodate what at this point in time seems to be the "few".

As the need arises they will have more non-smoking this point in time...I suppose they don't see the need. Cruiselines operate on where they can get their most revenue and if most of their revenue comes from smokers who fill up the available "high rent" cabins and pay $10,000 for a 10 day cruise instead of 800 people going on the happy holiday el cheapo cruise....they will put their concerns where their wallet is...IMO.

I still contend that the cruiselines get most of their revenue from the European market...and the European market is a heavy smoking market.

I think MOST smokers are considerate people from the US. But when you take a cruise with Europeans...they run the ship..and they DO smoke.


I to was on the Glory and found the smoke to be unbearable. I did not experience this on the Fantasy and the Pride.


Cruise girl: Thanks for the warning. The Glory is the same floor plan as the Conquest and that ship really holds the smoke. I was so hoping that the new ships would actually have a ventilation system, but they obviously don't. We had only 2 people smoking in the piano bar and the smoke haze in there was so looked like a Phillip Morris Convention. Shame on Carnival for not addressing this issue more seriously in the design of their new ships. If Carnival did there job, then smokers and non smokers could co-exist in peace. It seems the only thing Carnival understands is the bottom line. If the approz 60% of cruisers that don't smoke would stop cruising and tell Carnival why....proper ventilation would magically appear!!! There is enough technology out there today to address this issue in the bars, promenade and casinos. Something as simple as building tables, in the smoking areas ,with draw ashtrays and air purifiers in the pedestal of the table. And walling off a smoking section of the casino in plexiglass with concentrated draw vents in that area (oddly, smokers don't like the smoky haze either). If they put the thought, time and money into making all their ships user friendly to nonsmokers that they put into building the Paradise....we would not have to worry about "problem smokers".


Something just occured to me. Carnival stresses how important it is to fill out the comment cards at the end of a cruise. Since the smoking issue is such a hot one for both groups, I'd like to ask y'all to PLEASE fill out those cards and state how important more non-smoking ships/better ventilation is...maybe if we ALL did that (smokers and non-smokers alike) we'd all be able to enjoy our addiction (...cruising that is)...maybe even drop carnival an e-mail and let them know your thoughts...who knows maybe it would work.


Had to join in here. I am a smoker, but a polite one. I smoke only where it is permitted.
I did notice on the Legend a few weeks ago, the non-smoking lounges were dead, the lounges that permitted smoking were hopping. Carnival was making money on the drinks. In fact some of the members of the bands from the smoke free lounges would come to the other lounges and played for us because it was empty where they were.


I did not bother to read any replies SOOOO I smoke and I too am offended by smokers who just smoke wherever they feel. When I smoke it is in my cabin, on my verandah, out on the promanade, or at a bar. I am very sensitive to non-/x-smokers and feel that it is the MOST rude thing to do, to smoke in a place that people are not expecting smoke to be. I don't even smoke in my house. Here in San Francisco smoking is NOT allowed in any "public place" restaraunt, bar, night club well as within 15 from the entrance to said places. I tell you what, AS A SMOKER, I actually enjoy the non-smoking public place thing. After living here for 3 years, and when I go someplace in this world where "smoking sections" still exist, I am quite OFFENDED by the smoke. I have no problem excusing my self from the table, or stepping outside of the bar for a quick FIX(cause I know that is what it is)....etc.... so that MY experience is non gagging on someone elses smoke!!! I agree with you Shannon!! PROPS!


you guys are making me very worried. My son has asthema and the smell of smoke makes me EXTREMELY nauseous. I hope it's not that bad on the elation. We wanted to go on the Paradise, but the airfare was too expensive.


NRKelly: No one hates the effects of second hand smoke worse than I do, however, unless your son is going to be in the smaller bars, he should not have a problem. The Elation is rumored to be one of the jewels of the Carnival line while it was in California. I am sure you will have a wonderful time.

Camp Carnival does not allow any smoking or drinking in the bars, when they in there during the day with their activities. We have never had a problem with a smokey smell in our cabins.

I don't do the Casinos, so I can personally comment on that location...but the only time we have had a problem with smoke (on any of the many Carnival ships we have been on) was during Karaoke or at the Piano Bar.

The only time your son may run into trouble is if there are a lot of smokers on the Promenade when he has to go down that way. Just teach him to look ahead and if he sees a haze of smoke in that area, go up or down a level to reach his destination. If the destination is one of the smaller lounges right in the middle of that area...then he is out of luck.

Oddly enough, on the Holiday, one of the worse smoke hazes I had to walk through on the Promenade was from the crew who all sat by the Bus Stop and smoked. Surely Carnival could regulate that. But again, Carnival will only do what it has to. Non-smokers will only have the level of comfort we require from any cruise line. And the only way to do that is to use those comments cards and our wallets. If 60% of the cruisers really are nonsmokers and we stopped quickly would Carnival's policy change. I am with you on the Paradise. If they are only going to have one non-smoking ship...then they should rotate it to different ports. At least to Tampa or Port Canaveral.


We have been on about six Carnival Cruises, and have never had
a bad experience with people smoking....

We live in Tampa, and the Seminole Casino is like a Fog Show

from the deepest Boggs Of England with Cigarettes...

I can't imagine smoke on the Glory Being worse...

The simple rule We live by is.... You see someone smoking on the

elevator- Do not get on the elevator.

You see too much smoke in the Casino, Come back at 2 AM....

(Not too much smoke...)

My Father died of throat Cancer, was a Chain smoker from

WWII, and I am very aware of all the dangers.

I say, if the smoke is too much for you to handle, exit and come

back later, go do something else, or whatever.

You can always get those little $3 fans at Spencers, and clear

the air around you. I also heard China is putting their latest

astronaut suit up for sale, so you could have a 100% pure

oxygen environment. That Sounds great!

Remember, respect others, and hopefully they will

respect you, it is as simple as that.

Be Well,
Ed & Deb