Pros & Cons of mini-suite location



We are going on the Sea Princess in March and have decided on a mini-suite. What are the pros & cons of the location? Aft vs port or starboard sides? Thanks


We sailed on the Sea Princess in May.

We had a mini-suite on the stern of the ship. I choose this location as the room was about 200 sq. ft. larger than the standard mid-ships mini-suites.

I really loved the room because of the extra space and I liked to stand on the balcony and watch the prop wash. I also had a view of both sides of the ship. I thought it was really a nice location. It was also very quiet except when they were using the thrusters to push away from the dock. Not often. I don't know what the ride would be like in really rough seas but it was fine on our cruise.

My wife liked the room but didn't like the location as it was a long walk to most of the activity areas of the ship. That seemed to be her only complaint though.

If you don't mind walking it is really great.

Have a nice cruise.


Another pro is that in many cases the balcony is larger and watching the wake disappear in the distance can be very enjoyable. A few more cons are that it will be a bit warmer as U will have less wind and there will be more movement and possibly more vibrations when entering and exiting ports. We love Aft balconies but they are not for everyone.