Pucci undergoing Surgery again


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Please keep Pucci in your thoughts and prayers. Much as I hate this, I’ve ordered surgery for him again next Thursday.

July 23, a small lump was discovered near his breastbone. It was aspirated - *probable* lipoma. Today, that lump was larger and a second lump was discovered on the same side under his “armpitâ€. Again - *probable* lipoma, but they can’t be sure. The lump discovered 7/23 is slightly larger now. I ordered surgery. L They can’t do this under local anesthesia.

I’m a basket case. I hate the idea of putting Pucci under again, but I want those lumps removed immediately. I had them palp his entire body to be sure there are no other lumps. There aren’t.

Frantic Mama


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Mary Ann, I am so sorry to hear he is having more health problems. I hope he flies thru surgery and is back to wagging his tail and bossing you around in no time. Please give Pucci some scritches from me. Try not to worry even though I know you will.


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Sorry Mary Ann that Pucci has to undergo surgery. He trusts you to do what is best for him. I'm sure he will be just fine and you won't have to worry about this anymore.


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So sorry Pucci has to have this surgery but will probably feel better getting those lumps out & vet should really be able to give Pucci a good look over while under anesthesia. I understand your fears but I'm sure Pucci will be prancing around good as new in no time.


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We are so sorry to hear about poor Pucci. This has to be so hard on you. My kitties said to give Pucci lots of love from them.



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Thank you, Friends. I hate putting little Pucci under anesthesia again at his age. I've been in tears - I don't want to put him through this, but I don't want those lumps to remain in him either.

Your prayers and good thoughts are very much appreciated, as always.


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I am sure this is VERY HARD for "Mom" but I am keeping my fingers crossed this is just "one of those things" and Pucci (and Mom too! :whistle:) will sail thru this procedure with flying colors and will be hosting a weekend happy hour before you can howl "woof woof." :cheer:please keep us updated and try to RELAX. The "pre-event" anxiety is always the worst.


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Oh my oh my . . . . Sorry to read about this Mama Duck. Please give Master Pucci gentle scritches from us. Timber and Rylee send tail wags and treats.

Sure hope this is no big deal for him and he pulls through like a champ. (((((Mary Ann and Pucci)))))


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Pucci and I thank you - he's curled up at my feet as usual. He and I do plan on hosting Open House this weekend...and Pucci thanks Rylee and Timber for the special treats this evening.


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Just got on the boards and sure didn't want to read something like this. I agree MaryAnn I would want those lumps out now and I'm sure he'll come thru just fine. Many prayers and hughs coming your way and will continue until Pucci is up and running around again.



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Oh, poor little Pucci. Shipmaven, I just know everything will be alright. He'll come home groggy, and will sleep for a few days, and then be back to his own little self. I send (((HUGS))) to both of you!


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So sorry to read this Mary Ann....

I was assured by my Vet that the newer anesthesia that they use are very safe. But it's still worry-some for you, I know. ((((Hugs)))) for little Pucci and you too.


So sorry to hear my little furry guy will have to do it. Sending hugs to you and scritches for Pucci. My prayers are with you.


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{{{HUGS}}} and thank you.

Pucci underwent 3 hours of anesthesia not very long ago. Bad enough for a youngster, but very unsettling at 11-1/2 years old. I stay there the whole time and hold him as he recovers. I want those lumps out of him...and, please God, they will only be lipomas. But I have to be sure.


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Poor kid! Bandit, Cocoa, and Sunny send "I'm so sorry!" woofs and tail wags. I don't blame you about wanting to get the lumps out at all. Sunny, Pucci's color twin used to have lipomas, but now it's enlarged oil glands, and the veterinarian says it's pretty typical in fur kids with their coloring. Here's hoping all goes well and my little buddy is back to normal FAST! You know, of course, he will need lots of TLC and extra attention for a few days. They are experts in the art of "make Mommy feel sorry for us".