Pucci update - 02/26/11


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Since there are two active Pucci threads - for which I sincerely thank you for all the replies and kind comments - I thought it might be easier to post in yet a separate thread.

Pucci absolutely refused to touch his dog food last night. Can't really blame him because the manufacturer changed the consistency of the food and it reminded me of drywall. :( I could tell Pucci was hungry - it was not a question of no appetite - so I put some rice in the beef broth I prepare for him, heated it and he scarfed it right down.

Today, I went and picked up his new food - dry food instead of the usual canned. He hasn't tasted dry food since he was a puppy. My housekeeper is here on Saturdays - when Pucci and I returned home from the Vets, Pucci was sniffing the bag so we opened it and she put some in the palm of her hand. Pucci gobbled it right up. Put a bit more in her hand - same thing. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed Mr. Finicky will, indeed, eat the new low fat food.

As for the lab results, yes...the one test shows Pucci marginally over normal readings for the pancreas, making it a question mark as to what may be going on. Thank God, he shows no other signs of distress except the fact that he can be unusually quiet. Then he perks up and acts like a puppy. Obviously, we'll monitor him closely.

I asked his Vet point-blank - if he were your dog, would you leave him to go on a trip in 2-1/2 weeks. She said yes, absolutely. (I was prepared to cancel and eat this cruise, if necessary). So, it looks like all systems are still GO. I still pray Pucci is alright and will eat his new food.

Again, thank you sincerely for your kind words, thoughts and prayers. They mean a lot.

Mary Ann


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Mary Ann, I'm so happy to hear that Pucci is eating and that he actually seems to like his new food. I'm also very glad to hear that you will be making your Crystal cruise. Chloe, Harley and Lilly send woofs and arfs.


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Good to hear that Pucci is eating the new food. Hopefully, that will take care of any issues going on.

Also glad to hear that the Vet feels it's fine for you to go on your cruise.

Hugs for Pucci...


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Now I can let my breath out! Glad the news isn't something that is definite. Most likely, the new diet will bring his levels down to normal. That was a lot of emotional trauma for you, glad that is over!

I too ask my vet (and pediatrician when my kid was younger), WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF... . Go, enjoy, know that your sweetie will be ok.

Hugs to you, and big scritches for the Little Guy. Kiefer says WOOF!


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After all the negative news on the boards lately, it's good to hear some positive. Cody says, "Stick with the dry stuff. I get (occasional people fud, but have been dry since I said bye-bye to my momma..."


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Mary Ann, it's good news that Pucci seems to eat the new food and that he is just marginally over the readings for pancreas.
He can be glad to have you as his mommy, as I know you will take good care of him.

I hope it will be possible for you to relax during you cruise in a couple of weeks. You deserve that!



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Mary Ann...so glad to hear this news. I've been fretting all day waiting to hear some news.

Now I am going to send you a PM I think...can we do that with this new format?


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That's good news in a way. And I too was holding my breath and checking the board frequently. I know that the vet will do more test further down the road. And I further hope that this test was a fluke, and that subsequent tests will be negative.

Woofs, scritches, and hugs.



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(((Shipmaven))) hugs for you and good boy Pucci for eating. I am sure all the furry friends will have lots to talk about at the next Open House.



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So glad the news is good and it sounds like he'll eat the new food. You have a couple of weeks to see how he's doing before you many final decision about the cruise but sounds like all is a go and he'll be doing great before you leave.



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Mary Ann, so glad the news is good and he was eating the new food. Hopefully all continues to go well. Please give Mr Pucci some scritches from me.


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Mary Ann - I am relieved that this seems to be good news for Mr. Pucci & the new food. I am glad that the vet told you to go as that must mean that things are indeed looking up. I know that you will do whatever is necessary for Pucci's health and wellbeing - it's what makes you a great momma!

Scritches for Pucci and a hug for you!



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Again, I am so grateful to Pucci's doctors for discovering this situation early. I pray that the new diet helps tremendously. When Frasier was diagnosed, we had to change his food, also. He also preferred canned food, and now we had to give him dry food, in addition. Both types were of different varieties than what he had become accustomed to eating, and probably tasted a lot worse. It took him about a week to go near the dry food. Once he figured out that it was this or nothing during the day (canned food is for overnight), he gave it a try and he now begs for it!

Thoughts and prayers continue to our little friend. I know how hard it is to leave our pets when they are going through a medical transition. HUGS.

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thank you mary ann for the update on pucci

glad that he is accepting and eating his new dog food

prayers that he keeps inproving

how is pucci's paw doing?