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As some of you know, I've been very worried about Pucci - his protein (creatinin/BUN) levels have been a bit elevated in his urine for quite awhile now, and this could mean the start of kidney failure.

We went to a Specialist this afternoon who checked my little Sweetie thoroughly and did an ultrasound. For an almost 11 year-old pupster, Pucci's "innerds" look very healthy, his lungs are clear and his heart and blood pressure are fine. BUT...Pucci does have a large stone in his kidney. The Vet doesn't expect it to cause any problems or move because of its size. We are starting Pucci on a prophylactic medication to try to ward off any further kidney issues.

I thank all of you who have been PM'ing and e-mailing me.


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Glad it's nothing very serious that will cause problems, Mary Ann, and tell Pucci to take his medication as directed!


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I am glad the more serious tests showed good news. I hope the kidney stone isn't too painful for him. Hugs from all of us, including "cousin" Frasier.


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Cousin Frasier and Lisa - thank you. Apparently, Pucci is in no pain from the stone, and the Specialist really isn't expecting any adverse effects. I hope he's right. Pucci is sound asleep right now, curled into a little ball.


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Well, overall good news....Let us hope and pray the vet is right and this stone will just sit there, will not grow larger and never, never cause the little fellow any problems. Loads of skritches to Pucci from all of us...the furbabies and furbaby lovers!


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Is there any way for them to disolve the stone?? or does the vet think that would do more harm than good at this point??


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Oh Mary Ann what a relief. I'am so happy to hear Pucci is good so well & hope that kidney stone stays put. Give him a hug from me.


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I am glad all is well for Pucci, save for the stone, of course. I didn't know animals could get a kidney stone. My best wishes that his never moves. :)


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Mary Ann, I must of missed a post somewhere about Pucci. So glad everything is OK with him. Please give him some belly rubs from me and Zsa Zsa and Peanut send tail wags and woofs!

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Hugs Dear Paesana..so grateful to read the news update, and know you will be special pro-active..we send our hugs and love (Scritches for Prince Pucci Pupper.).to you both..Joanne and Mark..


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Mary Ann, I didn't realize this was going on. My heart almost stopped when I saw the PUCCI UPDATE title of this thread. Is this the cause of his protein level issue? Poor little guy. I'm sure the stones are the result of not enough love and hugs and kisses... can you give more please?

Kiefer send a big sloppy kiss, mine aren't as sloppy but they are as loving.