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Pucci Update


Awaiting results of mental evaluation
Kiefer sends a big sloppy kiss, mine aren't as sloppy but they are as loving.
I don't know about that. From what I've read, you're pretty sloppy .....

Of course, I'm sure some of what one reads in the men's rooms at the truck stops may not be completely accurate....


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Again, my heartfelt thanks for all your kind notes and comments.

I hadn't posted anything previously. I kept this one to myself until I had more information.

The Specialist, at this point, doesn't feel the kidney stone will move. I hope he's right.

MrD - several years ago, Pucci had serious problems with bladder stones, the worst type a pet can have, Calcium Oxylate. He had major bladder surgery and a number of procedures to flush stones out of his urethra. He would not have been able to undergo further such procedures. He's been on appropriate medication ever since. We now added kidney medication to what he's already taking.

As an FYI to other pet owners, I used to give Pucci his medications in peanut butter at the end of my finger. When he developed bladder stones, I researched oxylates and found that peanut butter is EXTREMELY HIGH in oxylate content. I stopped giving him peanut butter immediately.

I'm concentrating on what the Specialist said - for an almost 11 year old living in the desert, he's doing very well.


Pucci Maw apoligizes for not asking abt you when I talked to Mama this morning. Glad to hear it is somthing that should not grow. Just takes your meds-sending secial scritches. Mary ann sorry I just got so excited this morning knowing you were busy and forgot to ask or check over here. Hugs


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Jeanie - thank you for the good wishes for Pucci. I don't know if peanut butter is bad in general for dogs. I simply found the oxylate link was bad for Pucci, given his Calcium Oxylate stones.

Maw - Pucci said to tell you he didn't feel slighted at all this morning. He knew I was very busy. If you're sitting awhile tomorrow, he'll come jump in your lap after he goes to the groomer - he won't wait for weekend Open House. :)


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As usual I am the last one to read this and respond but please know that Pucci is in my heart. I hope that the stone causes no discomfort and that you have each other for many years to come!

Lulu sends her best as well for Pucci!



If you take me serious, it's your problem
I don't know about that. From what I've read, you're pretty sloppy .....

Of course, I'm sure some of what one reads in the men's rooms at the truck stops may not be completely accurate....
LOL.... you mean she could be more sloppy than the "ads" in the bathroom stalls depict??? OMG!!!:eek::eek::eek:


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Calgon - :hammer:

Mary Ann, I was just fighting something off. My body does this, and I fight things off very well. I suspect this was the flu of some kind, glad that's over! I'd much rather go through this then come down with something that would have me being sloppy in my bathroom and the ones that Calgon frequents.

Mr. D - don't believe ANYTHING that Enforcer Duck says!!! It's all lies.


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Glo - I'm delighted "the bug" is behind you. Er, wait...I had better rephrase that because you don't want Calgon bugging you from behind!!

Jacquie - Pucci thanks you and the gang for the scritches and tail wags, which he and I reciprocate.

Krazy Kruizers

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Just trying to catch up on some of the threads.

Sorry to read that Pucci is having some Kidney Stone problems.

Hope your furbaby is doing better by now.

connie seabee

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I sometimes forget to check this forum. I'm glad Pucci is doing better and hope that the kidney stone won't cause him any discomfort.


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I hadn't seen this thread either with it going while we were cruising. Glad to hear the specialist doesn't expect the stone to move....poor Pucci went through enough with those bladder stones. Give hims stitches from me and doggie kisses from Louie and Georgie.


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Pucci and I thank you for your concern and good wishes.

And tail wags and kissies back to Georgie and Louie (with scritches from me).


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Mary Ann, I don't check the Safe Harbor much, so I was really concerned when I saw the post about Pucci. I'm so glad that it is of no immediate concern. May it stay that way, and may Pucci live a LONG and very happy life. Hershel, Chloe and Harley send big tail wags to Pucci.