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Hopefully he's jumping around and repeating neener neener neener over and over and over... and Mama D is sitting there with a grin on her face...


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Aww - aren't you sweet, Virginia and Pepper. Thank you for asking.

Last night, he went to bed and to sleep with his paw carefully bandaged by the Vet. This morning when he jumped out of bed, you guessed it, the bandage was off. He appears to be in no distress walking, but then the injury is on the top of his paw.

He was unusually quiet this morning when I dropped him off to be groomed...and the Vet was going to look at his paw. As I was getting back into my car around 1:00pm from an appointment I had, my cell phone rang - it was the Vet calling to tell me they thought Pucci wasn't feeling well...he was very quiet and not his usual self. They wanted to do some tests with my permission - I gave it and flew up to the Vet hospital (where he's also groomed). Normally, when I go to pick him up after grooming, they open the door to the back area and Pucci comes running to me, with me breaking his run. I asked that they do that today so I could see Pucci's reaction. They opened the door, he came racing to me, jumping up and down, wagging his tail...and everyone just looked and said "there's nothing wrong with him". (I'm thinking Thank God). I said he probably was yanking their chain as he does mine.

The Vet, who's a substitute this week while the regular Vets are off for Continuing Ed classes, said she does acupuncture on dogs and cats...could we try that with Pucci to ease any pain in his paw. I teasingly asked if she did that on humans? At any rate, she placed Pucci in my lap as one of the Techs looked on, explained what she wanted me to do, then placed two needled at the base of his neck. He didn't flinch. Several minutes later, she placed another needle near his left hind leg. Pucci's starting to get a bit antsy. Finally, she tried placing a needle at the top of his skull - not only did he flinch but he shook it out. Lesson learned - Pucci wants no part of acupuncture.

I'll get the lab results from the tests in a few days, but I thank you and Pepper for asking about my little sweetie. If he were not snoozing, he'd be sending tail wags to Pepper!


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Good to hear that Pucci is back to normal ...

As far as Kiefer, I have no doubt that the only thing ailing him (now) is GloBug.


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Rylee and Timber were getting after each other about who is at fault for not keeping up with Pucci. They send their tail wags for good news.


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I am glad that Pucci is doing better. Isn't it funny how they learn which buttons to push?

Kiefer is doing ok. I gave him his pain med this morning but he managed to spit it out, and Gordon found it two hours later! It took him 1/2 hr to get Kiefer to take it and swallow it. You can tell when it starts wearing down, and when he's feeling better. Hopefully dental surgery pain for a dog is like for a human, and he'll be doing better in several days. I did find a treat he had carried around for 3 days had finally been consumed, so I know he's feeling better when the meds are kicking in. The vet had to go deep to dig out the root that had broken off up inside the gum, so I am sure it will take a day or two more to feel almost back to normal.

I want to start Kiefer on acupuncture in the next few months for his hip dysplacia and his knee cap luxation. I know how much acupuncture helps me, and I am praying for the same kind of reaction for Kief. My acupuncturist has been invaluable in giving me guidelines for looking for the right acupuncturist for my little guy.


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Mary Ann, I'm glad to hear that the little fellow is doing well!
Hope his paw will get well soon.

I visited Molle yesterday and told him that Pucci is getting better. He looked at me and leaned his hed a bit, like he was trying to understand what I meant, and answered me with tail wags and two loud "Woofs", then he wanted to have the little squeaking yellow ball again (running around kicking it like crazy).



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I'm sorry Mary Ann. I didn't know Pucci was injured. :-( Get well quickly Pucci!

[Off to Safe Harbor to see if there's anything there.)


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mary ann

glad pucci is feeling better -- did they replace his bandage?

i don't blame him for not wanting those needles -- idon't like them either


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Mary Ann I too did not know that Pucci was injured but glad that he is doing better. It is amazing how these pets can pull a fast one on you. I am a little better now about not dropping everything and taking the dog to the vet when I think that there may be something wrong. It is kind of like kids,
they have this way of starting to feel better on the way to the Dr's, lol My little Chi Carmen is very good at trying to pull a fast one. She does this a lot when she is tired of having a foster around especially if the foster is getting more attention than she is, lol

Edited to add: Glorya, glad that Kiefer is on the mend. I hate having dental work done myself and hope that it is a little easier for a dog than a human. I'd say that it was a good sign that he was feeling better when you found the treat gone, lol I was getting ready to find someone to do acupuncture on little Ginger and wish I had as maybe we wouldn't have had to put her down because of all the pain that she was in.
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That little fur boy certainly knows how to push your buttons! If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I want to come back as one of your dogs, Mary Ann.


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Well, I've had some very unnerving news this evening from one of Pucci's regular Vets who was back from Continuing Ed classes.

The labs done on Pucci yesterday show that he *might* have the beginnings of Pancreatitis. :bawl: He's showing no signs except that he's very quiet and hates his dog food (can't blame him there). We're going to gradually change his food.

Please keep my little sweetie in your thoughts and prayers.

As always, thank you.


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Mary Ann, I am glad to hear Pucci's paw is better but sorry to hear about the possible pancreatitis. Peanut has this condition but is doing very well with a special diet. Hope all goes well for him and for you. Please keep us posted.


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Thank you, Marie, and thank you, Radiance.

No - I did not receive your email, Radiance. :( I had some other issues not receiving certain emails as well.

Mary Ann


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Oh Mary Ann, we are very sorry to hear of the unfortunate news on Pucci's labs. Sending lots of gentle hugs and scritches. Timber and Rylee are busy trying to figure out how to help. They both send tail wags and treats.


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My prayers sent as I sure hope that it can be controlled with diet since it's been caught early if that's what it turns out to be.
Hugs from here to both of you and keep us posted.