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Hope all goes well at the Vet's office today....Hope they can find a solution that gets Pucci on the mend quickly. No fun for the little guy...

Prayers and hugs ....


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Shipmaven - I hope today's visit to the vet goes well, and that only a gradual change in Pucci's food is needed. Looking forward to better news later today.


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Mary Ann, my heart is thudding in time with yours. You must be very apprehensive about this upcoming appt. today. Please keep us informed. Prayers the little guy is only going to need a diet adjustment and he responds wonderfully to that. And prayers for his mom.


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Please know that Pucci is in our thoughts and prayers, as is his Mom. Cousin Frasier says he can relate to a changed diet and wants Pucci to know that the new food may even be better than the former in time. And, he (and we) are grateful for his doctors, who caught this early. Hugs from us all.


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Oh, good grief Mary Ann! I'm hoping that you have better news by the time this reaches you and that Pucci decides he likes his new food better. The boys are sending get well woofs to him and tail wags to you because they know how worried you are. Bird Baby is sending feel better chirps to both of you.


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Mary Ann, I can understand that you are worried!
I send my prayers for the little fellow.
I hope you will find a diet that will help Pucci to get back to normal quickly.