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Pumpkins, pumpkins...everywhere I look!



good morning friends...

Well, our little town will be busting with tourists this weekend.

Up and down our main road, all the stands are filled with mums, cornstalks, and pumpkins.

Lots of folks come here for the apple picking. They take everyone out to the orchards on the big hay wagons, to pick apples, and then they come back and grab the biggest pumpkin they can carry :)

The kids really seem to enjoy all of this too, especially the apple cider and cinnamon donuts.

Our maple trees are changing colors, I'll try to get some pictures later today.

Have a good Saturday!


Good morning everyone. There are no trees changing down here yet but it is getting a little bit cooler. Today is lunch with friends and getting my drivers licence renewed. I forgot to get it done by Thursday. Not much on the agenda but the normal house cleaning etc.

Hope everyone has a great day!


I love to see the pumpkins and cornstalks and smell the apples. Enjoy your people watching reggae.

I just dislike Fall in general because it means summer is over. I vote for summer all year long! I really need to move to a tropical island somewhere. :grin

Edited because I'm tupid this morning..


Oh I miss fall and BJ coming from Boston dont you miss the colors changing,just the Aspens here,and I love fall and then a beautiful winter after that,sigh as Joanne would say,sometimes I really miss WI!


I am so jealous Patty....this is my favorite time of year. A few trees here and there are showing signs of turning but not a lot yet. I am going to ask Leatherneck to get my autumn/Halloween boxes down out of the attic when he gets home from work. GS Jacob is here to spend the night and I'll have him help me put out the fall decorations.


Yes, it's officially autumn. Time for me to put my scarecrow door decoration on my front door!


woo hoo, reggae

you must also be a New Englander

Love this time of year.... especially the hay rides and hot apple cider. Walking through the woods in a sweater and smelling the crisp dry autumn leaves as you feel them *crunch* under your feet. Love that.