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Question about cabin 8102 on Brilliance



We are thinking of booking Brilliance cabin 8102 and we were wondering if anyone has information in regards to the balcony. Is this cabin over the lifeboats which would prevent us from seeing the water when looking directly down. Some posters on other boards say the cover over the lifeboats extends out.

Also, is this balcony bigger? The cruise brochure shows it is but RCCL says no.

Would this cabin be noisy since it is next to the elevators and stairs which is a busier pathway.

Would appreciate any info as we have to decide ASAP. Thanks.


We now are deciding between cabin 8102 or 8586 on Brilliance. Someone on this board must have some suggestions that could help us decide which cabin would be better. We'd appreciate your help and opinions.

I know you're out there................please help us decide.


Go to http://www.cruisestateroom.com. It looks like 8102 has a larger balcony. In fact on another board someone stated that they stayed in it and the balcony was quite large. 2 chairs, small table and 2 launge chairs. Don't worry about the elevators. There is a solid wall and a hallway between the last cabin and the elevators. They said they heard no noise. Another factor is that 8102 is port side.


We'll be in cabin 8088 on the Radiance in October. It's on the opposite side of the elevators. It won't help you now, but I'll be sure and post my findings for others when we return!


We always try to get a cabin close to the elevators and stairs. Never had a problem with noise, but boy was it convienent for running back to get things from the cabin.
As far as that cabin goes, I don't know.