Question for JillB - Queensland Flooding

Jill B

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Hello everyone. Thanks for your concern. We are fine up here near Cairns. If you look at the map Mary Ann posted, we are situated about 8km from Kuranda, on the beautiful Atherton Tablelands. We have had quite a bit of rain here, but no serious flooding; however the ground is getting very sloppy and hard to drive on. Apparently the road out west has been closed, and at Christmas the highway just south of Cairns was cut for a couple of days, and a lot of people were stuck in their cars with no facilities.
Now Rockhampton is isolated; the airport is closed for the next 2 or 3 weeks. I believe the army is airlifting supplies into the town.
Basically all towns north of Rockhampton are inaccessable by road at the moment, so we are staying put until March.
We were not affected by ex-cyclone Tasha, which crossed the coast south of here, but we may get a cyclone or 2 sometime in the next 3 months.

I will try and stay in touch.


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Jill, so glad you checked in, and that you are safe on high ground. Hope those cyclones don't come to be! Stay safe!



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Jill - thank you so much for checking in. Needless to say, we've been worried. Stay safe and stay well! {{{HUGS}}}


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Another YIPPEE...from someone glad to see this post! So happy you are safe but my heart goes out to all those who are not so dry!! It is really difficult to imagine the scope of this flooding. What I see on TV looks terrible.

Jill B

The roaming Aussie
Thanks again for your concern, you are the most caring and supportive group.

Beryl, I agree, the images on TV are truly terrible, this is such a widespread tragedy.


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So glad y'all are well Jill and thanks for checking in. Thoughts and prayers still go out to all those who are having a rough go of it down under.