Question for people who cruised carnival in 2000 - 2002


Mike Lynn

If you cruised with Carnival in 2000, 2001 and/or 2002, please tell me:

(1) the name of the Carnival ship you cruised on,
(2) the month and year of the cruise, and
(3) whether or not tips were automatically added to you ship and sail account.

If you cruised on Carnival more than once in this time period, please tell me about each cruise you took. You can reply to this thread or can e-mail me directly at

Let me explain why I want this info. I am a professor at the Cornell Hotel School and I need this info for a research project I am working on. Specifically, I need to know the month and year that each of Carnival's ships moved from traditional tipping to automatic service charges (aka pre-paid tipping). Different ships made this move at different times between 2000 and 2002, but Carnival will not give me the exact dates for each of its ships. If enough of you answer my questions above, then I should be able to figure out when each ship made the move.

Also, if any of you know when traditional tipping was replaced with automatic service charges on one or more Carnival ships, please share your knowledge with me.

Thanks in advance for your help, Mike Lynn


Sensation Feb 2000 -- not automatically added on, paid them in cash the traditional way

Elation Feb 2001 -- not automatically added on, got coupons because we prepaid them

Victory Jan 2002 -- automatically added on

Hope this helps.


Paradise, 4/30/2000, tips were in cash

Ecstasy, 9/4/2000, tips were in cash

Inspiration, 11/25/2001, tips added to Sail & Sign account

Pride, 5/11/2002, tips added to Sail & Sign account

Hope this helps in your research!


(1) Carnival Victory
(2) April 01, 2001 - (7-day Western Caribbean)
(3) No, tips were not added automatically.

Happy Cruising!=whiteflag

07/30/95 - Fantasy
12/19/97 - Ecstasy
07/26/99 - Imagination
04/01/00 - Grandeur of the Seas
04/01/01 - Carnival Victory
03/29/03 - Carnival Triumph
11/11/04 - Sensation


March 2002-Carnival Inspiration 7 day Western Caribbean out of New Orleans-automated tipping was placed on sign and sail


Why would you do a research project on when cruiseships added auto-tipping? And what purpose would that serve?

Don M

Paradise - January 2002 - Tips were automatically added on. (But, of course, could be adjusted up or down).

Good luck.


There are lots of reasons to do research on topics like this. Those in the hospitality industry could use this information to judge various consumer and profitability concerns. The ships themselves should also be doing this type of research to judge wha works best.

Personally, I think the cruiselines do not realize how much this drives people nuts. A cruiseline that had NO TIPPING would get more of my business. In fact, we recently went on the Seabourn which has a no tipping policy (and open bar). Sure, in the end I paid MORE than the tips and booze would cost, but it was worth it to me because I did not have to think about it anymore.


Destiny: 10/15/00, tips in cash. Sensation:04/22/01, tips in cash. Fantasy: 11/14/02, tips automatically deducted. Good luck with your project!!

mr jimmy

We were on the Inspiration in March 2002 like "nanni" above. We booked directly through Carnival and were asked if we wanted the auto-hit on sail and sign, or if we wanted to do it individually. We elected the second option and wound up tipping much more than the CCL rate.

I have another question: We understand that tipping through the S&S gets distributed like restaurant staff. What happens when you tip individually? Do they put the cash in a pool and split it?

mr jimmy

Nanni - We left in Feb. and returned in March. Had a fabulous time. Inspiration was an excellent ship with an excellent staff and crew. We are going on the Conquest in Jan. and can't imagine being on a larger ship.


Spirit 12/01 Tips were on the SnS but easy to remove and when we asked the waiter his preference (he was REALLY great) it was cash so we removed them. Glad I did as we had the absolute worst cabin steward ever, in a mini-suite (10+ cruises to date inc insides & OV). Gave him just enough so he knew we had NOT forgotten but were totally disappointed.


May 10 2001,,Triumph,,,only the drink tips (15%),were charged to S&S,all other services were tipped at end of cruise I believe the envelopes were in the room,premarked for each attendant on Fri. morning when we returned from breakfast

Mike Lynn

Thanks for the info you have provided! In order to pin point when each ship moved to automatic tipping, I will need many more responses, so please answer the questions at the beginning of the post if you have not already done so. If you have already answered the questions, please encourage other Carnival Cruise travelers to answer them. Thanks again! -Mike Lynn

P.S. For those who want to know more about the research, I have several hundred dated Carnival ship/cruise ratings from 1999 to 2004. If I can learn exactly when each Carnival ship moved from traditional to automatic tipping, I can compare the ratings under each tipping system and see if the tipping system affects service levels. I plan on doing other studies on this topic using different designs, but this is the study I need the requested info for.


Celebration - Feb 2002 - They passed out separate envelopes for everyone on the ship it seemed with a suggested tipping amount for each job, or they gladly offered for you to put this on your credit card. It seemed to be right in the middle of the transition of going to credit card tips.