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What are your favorite 3 ships with HAL and why? Yes, what a loaded question. Hope you don't mind but I see what a fan you are so who else would one pose such a question?! We are looking to see if HAL can win us over. We would like to have 2 or 3 ships to choose from. We would welcome anyone elses opinion as well.

Thanks and hope you don't mind.




:) I don't mind your asking and I'm happy to help if I am able.

I have not met the HAL ship I DO NOT like (with the possible exception of Noordam). Our very first HAL cruise was on Noordam and we had a fabulous time and LOVED the HAL experience , the crew, the difference in the menu offerings, the level of comfort and service HAL offered, but knew we would not return to balconies and the vibration bothered me (not husband) alot.

We next cruised on the (then) brand new Statendam. Ahh....we had found a home. We loved the "S" class ships from the moment we first set eyes on Statendam. Maasdam has always been my particular favorite as I love her decorating and her colors. I find her very elegant , so welcoming, wonderful quiet nooks and beautiful dining room. Because we have enjoyed such incredible cruises on her and have made such wonderful friends who are still very dear to us on Maasdam, I will always feel a special fondness for Maasdam. We have cruised her at least 10 times and I'm sure it's more. She has been lovingly maintained and always has an incredible crew. I honestly cannot explain here the relationships we have made with some of the extraordinary crew of HAL. These are very special people.

When the Vista ships debuted last year, DH and I did not expect to "take to them" and booked a back-to-back for April to go see friends we knew were aboard and sample Zuiderdam. We fully expected to say...Nope, not for us. We were shocked to LOVE that ship and have had four totally fabulous, incredibly wonderful cruises on her. I formed a pattern of using those areas of the ship that offered activities/entertainment/quiet spots that we wished to partake of. The size of the ship suddenly shrunk when we stopped thinking about things/areas of the ships we didn't use. But, I loved they had the space to build the absolutely gorgeous Odyssey Restaurant, the Windstar Cafe, the great Lido design with Stations...... We love the Vista ships and Zuiderdam is very special to us...again, that has alot to do with the incredible crews of HAL. It is all about the people when we go to any of the ships. All HAL ships have fabulous folks aboard.

Rotterdam VI is also high on my list of preferences. She is fabuously elegant. Built as the flagship and world cruiser, she has an aura (IMO) that sets her apart from the other ships. She's a real beauty to my eyes. Her art is incredible; the floral arrangements always knock me over they are so beautiful; crew is proud to sail her. Her dining room is stunning and the colors are rich, the fabrics and upholstery great.

Hope this is some help. I could ramble on and on when talking about HAL ships. Outside of my home, there is no place I'd rather be than aboard any "dam" ship of HAL.


So glad to hear such a glowing review of the Zuiderdam, on which we set sail in only 21 days!!

One silly question.....what is DH? Dear Husband, perhaps? In airline parlance it is 'dead-head', but I don't think that applies here!

Just curious!


:lol Yes, DH = Dear Husband (and in my case....he REALLY is dear :)

Hope you have a great time on ZUDM.....we sure did.

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We sailid on Zuiderdam last May, and we are booked again this year for the May 22 sailing. We loved the Z and agree with everything that Sail said about her. Just get me on one of those "dam " ships and I am happy!