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Question for sail7seas

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by peaches, Apr 28, 2003.

  1. peaches

    peaches Guest

    I'm sure I will have other questions when you give your full report n the Z, but as we are thinking of booking the Oosterdam I have one big question which comes from a topic on another board:

    I am making the assumption that you had an S suite on the Rotterdam Deck (the main deck for S suites is now the R'dam Deck and no longer the Navigation Deck; there are now SS suites above the R'dam Deck on the Navigation Deck). Can the port and starboard side SS passengers, when on their verandahs, see over the railing onto the S suite verandahs below. They are saying on the other board that each deck is narrower than the deck below it and the SS verandahs can see over onto the S verandahs below them. I'm not talking about the aft cabins, but the ones all along the port and starboard sides. Is this true??? If so, I find it a very poorly designed system.
  2. thulewx

    thulewx Guest

    If you lean out a little, you can see some of the balconies directly below and to the sides below. You can't see a whole lot of the balcony - about 1/2.
    I don't think the decks gett succesively narrower as you go higher, though. The only deck with shorter balconies is the ones of B cat because they're near the lifeboats. They're about 3.5 feet deep, where the others are around 4.5-5.0 feet deep (except the aft cabins).
  3. Cruzin

    Cruzin Guest

    We are sailing on 5/24 and would love to know what you thought of the Z. After all the bad reviews would love a good one.

    Thanks and :cheers
  4. thulewx

    thulewx Guest

    I loved it. No smells, good food, great staff/crew, good shows/entertainers, itinerary ok (been there done that but I knew that - I went to see the ship and relax).
    Enjoyed Oddysey restaurant. Decor was - hmm - different, but not too bad.
    I was on for 3 weeks, last 2 were in the Penthouse suite which is gorgeous - try to sneak by there on boarding or as you disembark... deck 7.
  5. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    I will write a full report shortly but the quick answer to your question is that our "S" suite on Rotterdam deck midship was totally private. No peeping eyes from any angle, anywhere, including from the glass elevator.

    Seeing as we prefer midship, the only "S" we would not book is 7068 (and its corresponding number on starboard side).....their privacy was compromised by the glass elevator. But all others were fine!

    BTW...Neptune Lounge on Rotterdam deck was GREAT.
  6. peaches

    peaches Guest

    Thanks s7s. We are thinking of a week on the Oosterdam in early December (the price is right to try a Vista) and I have already marked off the cabins on both sides of the glass elevators as unacceptable. I want to be midship one or two cabins closer to the Neptune forward of the elevators and they are all available, but I was anxious to hear your opinion on the Z. As they say, real estate is all location, location, location. This is where we were on the Rotterdam and it was perfect. Will wait for your review also..
  7. Cruzman

    Cruzman Guest

    Peaches, we are sailing the "Z " 5/24 in cabin S8135. This is an S suite on the aft with a wrap around balcony. I hope to get some pictures and post them after we return. I have a feeling we are going to really like this ship.
  8. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Cruzman...your balcony is HUGE and has great furniture on it. Table with four chairs; two lounge chairs and cocktail table and I think chair w/ottomans which are very comfortable and in a faux rattan. We liked the furniture better than what the other ships have. Unfortunately, it is not very private though. The aft balconys are all tiered and the people above each deck can see onto the decks below them. From the aft pool, people standing at the rail can see onto all of them.

    The GREAT part though, is that you get sun in the front of your balcony but there is a sufficient area of shade as well so whichever you prefer, you can have either.

    My suggestion is to rearrange the furniture a bit if you want more privacy by moving the table and chair under the "roofed" section of your balcony if you are having room service breakfast out there. I think there should be enough room to do that if you wish to.

    That balcony really is very large.

    Have a great cruise...hope you enjoy the ship as much as we did.
  9. sage

    sage Guest


    I'm glad that you found a good price on the Oosterdam. I'm anxious to know how the ship will look, as I've heard it will be more subdued than the Zuierdam, so please post upon return.
  10. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    We recently had the opportunity to chat with the Hotel Manager who is taking out Oosterdam and he said there are few changes/differences between Oosterdam and Zuiderdam. I never thought to ask the color scheme....darn !
  11. Peaches:
    I was looking at the few promo's that are left, and see that on the 7th and the 14th of December there is one for the Oosterdam, a # XXXX if you are still thinking of going. The promo's seem to almost stop now, I would guess that people are starting to book more cruises with the action in the middle east slowing down, and HAL is meeting there numbers at the cut times.


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  12. peaches

    peaches Guest


    Where did you see #2002? The list of promos printed the other day by a poster (you?) I thought had #6108 for 12/7. I printed the post out and of course can't find it right now while I am rushing. I doubt it is much off the HAL website price which I consider to be good for a full suite anyhow, but every little bit helps. We plan a 10 day early in 2004, but thought a good price would be a nice way to try out a Vista ship, especially when it won't be crowded (and not many kids aboard either). Where could I find #2002?

    And THANKS so much for all the info you continue to provide here and on CC!
  13. peaches

    peaches Guest


    Found it. It was posted on CC by stanh. A list from 'World's Leading Cruise Lines' site- Mariners Only specials. It says #6108 there. Have no idea until I hear from my ta, however, what the promo is. #2002 must be another, but still would love to know where you got that. Thanks again.
  14. Peaches
    It is from 3/31/03, and has inside for 599, outside for 739, and deluxe( which is a B ) for 949.
    Most of the time(not always) HAL will let you use the promo up to a P , but they only let you use a promo till the ship starts filling up, then all get cut off.
    Are you thinking of Back to Backs or what?


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  15. peaches

    peaches Guest

    We will book an S. Exactly the cabin I want is still available, too! I would like to do b-to-b's, but we are planning a Maasdam 10 day in the spring, once we know for sure they have added a Neptune. I just want to try a Vista, and think the O'dam will be more what we like than the Z. I just have the feeling that since the 'O' is meant primarily for Europe/Med 12 days, it will be more subdued than the 'Z' and early Dec. should be mostly adults, too. Opinions are welcome.
  16. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Oosterdam's take out Hotel Manager was "visting" on ZUDM when we were there and during our conversations with him, we got the impression the O'dam is also intended as a Caribbean cruiser. She will leave the boat yard and do Europe as it is summer season for her Inaugural, but she will then transatlantic for Caribbean cruising.
  17. Peaches
    There is a nice cruise on the Amsterdam on 4/21/04, and I know it has a Neptune lounge. Wendy and I have been looking real hard at this one and have almost made up our minds, if it was a Mariner cruise or a Virtuoso cruise we would have it booked already.
    I think the Maasdam is having a dry or wet dock in October, so it should get the extras then.

  18. peaches

    peaches Guest

    You're absolutely right, s7s. I hadn't even looked at the O's 2004 schedule. She does stay in the Caribbean and then goes to Alaska next summer, so she will be another Caribbean/Alaska ship. I was mistaken after having looked at her initial itinerary. I know I did read somewhere that she would be more 'subdued' than the Zuiderdam, at least in decor. Can't remember where.
  19. Santa Fe Jim

    Santa Fe Jim Guest

    Here is the pricing from Promo #2002 -- got it from a website link from an email HAL sent me. The usual caveats for limited availability and "offer may be withdrawn at any time" apply. I checked the Dec. 13 Zuiderdam cruise -- the price was the same on Expedia, Travelocity, etc.

    Ship / Length/ Dates/ Inside From/ Outside From / Verandah From

    Zuiderdam 7 days 5/31 $599 $699 $819
    Zuiderdam 7 days 6/7, 6/14 $649 $749 $869
    Zuiderdam 7 days 6/21 $699 $799 $949
    Zuiderdam 7 days 6/28 $749 $879 $1,039

    Zuiderdam 7 days 7/5 $799 $939 $1,099
    Zuiderdam 7 days 7/12 $799 $939 $1,099
    Zuiderdam 7 days 7/19 $829 $979 $1,149
    Zuiderdam 7 days 7/26 $749 $879 $1,039

    Zuiderdam 7 days 8/2 $749 $879 $1,039
    Zuiderdam 7 days 8/9 $749 $879 $1,039
    Zuiderdam 7 days 8/16 $749 $879 $1,039
    Zuiderdam 7 days 8/23 $599 $699 $819
    Zuiderdam 7 days 8/30 $499 $569 $659

    Zuiderdam 7 days 9/6, 9/13, 9/20, 9/27 $499 $569 $659

    Zuiderdam 7 days 10/4 $499 $569 $659
    Zaandam 7 days 10/11, 10/18, 10/25 $499 $569 $899
    Zuiderdam 7 days 10/11 $549 $629 $729
    Volendam 10 days 10/15 $899 $1,049 $1,699
    Veendam 7 days 10/18, 10/25 $499 $569 $899
    Zuiderdam 7 days 10/18, 10/25 $599 $699 $819
    Volendam 7 days 10/25 $499 $569 $899
    Maasdam 7 days 10/26 $499 $569 $899

    Veendam 7 days 11/1, 11/8 $499 $569 $899
    Zaandam 7 days 11/8, 11/15 $499 $569 $899
    Zuiderdam 7 days 11/1, 11/8, 11/15 $599 $699 $819
    Volendam 10 days 11/1 $899 $1,049 $1,699
    Maasdam 7 days 11/2, 11/9, 11/16 $499 $569 $899
    Volendam 10 days 11/11 $999 $1,179 $1,699
    Veendam 7 days 11/15 $529 $599 $899
    Volendam 10 days 11/21 $949 $1,099 $1,699
    Veendam 7 days 11/22 $549 $629 $999
    Zaandam 7 days 11/22 $599 $699 $999
    Zuiderdam 7 days 11/22 $799 $939 $1,099
    Maasdam 7 days 11/23 $549 $629 $999
    Veendam 7 days 11/29 $399 $459 $899
    Zaandam 7 days 11/29 $399 $459 $899
    Zuiderdam 7 days 11/29 $499 $569 $659
    Maasdam 7 days 11/30 $399 $459 $899

    Volendam 10 days 12/1 $799 $939 $1,599
    Veendam 7 days 12/6 $429 $479 $849
    Zaandam 7 days 12/6 $399 $459 $849
    Maasdam 7 days 12/7 $399 $459 $849
    Volendam 10 days 12/11 $799 $939 $1,269
    Veendam 7 days 12/13 $399 $459 $799
    Zaandam 7 days 12/13 $429 $479 $799
    Zuiderdam 7 days 12/13 $499 $569 $659
    Maasdam 7 days 12/14 $399 $459 $799
    Oosterdam 7 days 12/7, 12/14 $599 $699 $819

    Call your Travel Agent or 1-877-SAIL HAL
    and ask for promo # 2002

  20. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Santa Fe Jim....Thank you for sharing this info with us. That was a great deal of typing and I very much appreciate your posting it all. Now....which to choose? :)

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