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question on taxis



I've read some articles here, about arranging taxis to pick you up at a specific time after they drop you off at specific locations. In that case, do you pay them 1/2 the trip cost first? How are these payments made is really my question and how reliable are these pickups.. thanks again.

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The only place we have done this is on St. Maartens at Orient beach. We don't pay (and they don't ask) until after we have been picked back up and dropped off. We have never had a problem.



We did that we two cabs in St. Thomas going to St. John. The cabdriver who took us to Red Hook said he would be waiting for us and didn't ask for any pay upfront. The cab who took us to Trunk Bay arranged a time for us and others to pick us up. But it really isn't necessary, since there were so many cabs waiting, you can jump on one at any time.


While I'm thinking of it, small bills for cab drivers is a must. Or rather, expecting them to make change is a bad idea.

I was cynical when my driver in Barbados said he'd be back to get me at the beach but he did. He was even a few minutes early (as was I, in case he didn't show and I had to walk back from Carlisle Bay to Bridgetown, which in hindsight would not have been so bad).

I paid each leg at the time it happened.