Questions about Galaxy



We have sailed Carnival 4 times and loved it. Can you embark in either Baltimore or Charleston? We met a wonderful family from N.Carolina on our cruise last week and would like to cruise with them next year. We have always cruised Easter week. If we do a 10 or 11 day cruise it would be in July. Does anyone know if the weather is too hot. I assume Belize will be. Our daughter would be l5 and theirs would be l6. They liked hanging out with other kids. Can we expect lots of kids in July and do they have a teen disco or anyplace they can hang? They wouldn't want a supervised program but, I would like to add that we check in on them very often and they are well behaved.


Hi Darlene, we were on the NCL Sun to Belize June 2002- hot/oh yes! You sweated without taking a step in the jungle..we did the Mayan ruins at Lamanai-fantastic.. Roatan Honduras was also extremely hot..I was never so glad to get back to air conditioning in my life..but enjoyed Roatan and they have wonderful wooden items to buy. Local handicrafts..


The Galaxy was doing alternating weeks - one out of Charleston and one out of Baltimore. There may have been one or two cruises on the schedule that did both, but that was the exception.

It appears that they have stopped the Charleston sailings and they are now all going out of Baltimore. Your friends may have to drive here.


Galaxy began sailing out of Baltimore last spring, doing alternating 10 and 11 night cruises to the Eastern and Western Caribbean. During the winter months it moved its home port to Charleston. It is now back in Baltimore, but will not be returning to Charleston (as a home port) this winter. It never did alternating Charleston/Baltimore sailings.