Questions about the Summit and Bermuda

Hi Everyone

We're taking a cruise to Bermuda on the Summit in May and I have a couple of questions I hope you can answer for me.

1. I read somewhere that the Summit has an "adults only" pool. Is this true? Is it an outdoor pool or one of the indoor "spa" pools?

2. We are 2 couples in our 40s, childfree and are wondering what we shouldn't miss in Bermuda. We prefer adult-oriented activities so we would not want to go on excursions that are packed with families with kids. We appreciate great dining, nature outings, and we're mildly adventurous types so we would enjoy things like snorkeling, etc.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks.


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All m class ships of which the Summit is one have an enclosed pool. It's commonly known as the T pool. Has stainless steel rods contoured to sort of fit your body on both sides and is more of a giant hot tub rather than a pool.

It is adults only area (on most itineraries)

Main pool is usually mostly adult also as there is a shallow pool adjacent on the pool deck. But the main pool will be used by older kids that can swim.

You will be docked in an area that is away from most things due to the size of the ship. Make sure you get passes for ferry/bus system.

We were just overnight in downtown Hamilton and explored by bus and ferry and foot didn't get into much else. Very comfortable island and it does have great beaches


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I would think that in May most schools should be in session, with important school year ending tests to be done. For that matter we've done 6 Celebrity cruises and never seen many children. Of course we have always avoided Easter break time. I don't think it will be a big problem.

Enjoy Bermuda, Paul S


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We are going on May 11 on the Summit. Was in Bermuda 40 years ago so I assume very different now. Would renting an ebike for one or two ( my wife and I) be safe if we avoided Hamilton. Just really want to see the South Shore Beeches and St. George. Not quite sure what to expect when living on the ship for three days in a Bermuda. Is there a dress code for going from your room to the pools. Basically just want a relaxing time and small very interested in pools. Are house coats/robes supplied and acceptable for going yo the pools? Is the outdoor pool heated on the Summit? Warm enough to swim in a May? Do people stay on the ship when docked in Bermuda? I realize that last question is odd but it would be nice to not be on some kind of forced schedule.

What about seasickness? Is this an issue when going to Bermuda
for someone who is very prone to it?

This is our first cruise so am totally clueless. Actually 44 years ago or so I toke the Leonardo de Vinci from New York to Italy on a student pass. It was some crazy price ( $70 or something like that) and we were in the hole but could eat and wander around. But I got so seasick that I vowed to never get on another boat. That of course is the big worry and hence looking into the patch or Bonine or perhaps both. At that time there was Dramamine, Ginger, etc .... Nothing worked and it was absolutely terrible. But for those short periods that I wasn't ill being on a ship was glorious.



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Info above that I posted is still valid.
You can come and go as you like while in Port.
Scooters are a way of life in Bermuda ...Literally there are hundreds. Ebikes are not used by locals. You are a long way away by road to Hamilton. A fast "Ferry" will get you there quickly. but the roads where your ship docks will be to your liking.

It is the Atlantic so rough sea's do occurr. A friend reported 25' waves and high winds 5 days ago. BUT the Summit has wave dampening technology that will be quite helpful compared to your first cruise.

Summit cabins of most classes have robes. If not there ask your room guy/gal. YOu may wear them to the pool but you will be one of the few and out of place. Swim gear and a big t shirt is what I wear. No swim wear in restaurants but Look a like shorts and a shirt will pass in the buffet.

X dress coat is fairly relaxed these days.