Questions for the Mexican Riveria Cruise



Hi I am going to be taking Royal Caribbean’s Legend of the Seas, Cruise the end of September. Out of San Diego.

I am looking for other people who have taken the same cruise out of that port so I can get some incite into their experiences.

I have a fused ankle (which was crushed in a car accident) that did not take (the fusion) and have to use a cane and really a wheelchair if there is more than minimal walking involved.


1) Will there be any help curb side at the Port of San Diego) if I am in the wheelchair and alone? Actually I am going to need help even getting the wheelchair out of the car and then parking it. (I do not why I thought I could manage this)…. I drove down there this weekend to look for hotels in the area that might let me park in their lot and drive me over but I was unsuccessful so far.

2) Does anyone know which cabin would be a good one to request (if they do not have a wheelchair accessible one available) So that it would close to the dining room or the pool? I would rather not have to use my wheelchair if I do some preventive work ahead of time and figure out how not to walk too far.

3) The excursions: do they accommodate wheelchairs? Or are there ones that you stay mostly in the tour bus. ( I can bring one of those camping chairs to sit in if I need to, so that I will not have to in convince anyone with my cumbersome wheelchair

4) Could you recommend excursions that would be better for someone like me with a walking condition?

5) There was one excursion for Matzatlan… one that did a tour, lunch and the beach….Anyone who did that one …Would there be much walking to get to the sand and how about the water? Or if it is too much and I couldn’t walk on the sand (which I am not even sure I can do yet)…. would there be a place for me to sit in the shade and read a book until the tour was over.