Questions on South America Cruise


Mary El

We are planning to take the Zenith to South America next year. I have mucho questions, but would like your opinions about this voyage. We are thinking of doing the 15-day cruise in November 2003 - Buenos Aires to Valpariso and are planning a 3 day pre-cruise in Buenos Aires, and 2-3 days post-cruise in Santiago.

Is the trip to Iguassu Falls worth it? How did you get there?

Where did you stay in Buenos Aires?

Where did you stay in Santiago?

Did you use the ship excursions, or did you use someone else? If someone else, who?

What is the weather like at that time of the year?

Sandy R

When we went to South America a few years ago, we sailed on Princess so I can't tell you about Zenith.
Santiago: Two full days are sufficient to see the highlights. We stayed at the Hyatt Santiago, one of the most beautiful hotels we've had the fortune to stay in... a resort style hotel, overlooking the Andes Mts., with several restaurants on the property and a beautiful pool area.

Buenos Aires: Three full days will only scratch the surface of things to see. We had 4 nights in B.A. and are days were full. We stayed at the Hyatt, beautiful and very elegant, but in my opinion, the Intercontinental was lovely, less expensive and closer to wonderful casual restaurants, located across the street from the hotel. The Hyatt arrange 2 tours for us: 1. Pampas Tour - not to be missed, a whole day tour with lunch and a tango show. 2. Tigre Delta River Cruise - also a whole day. I highly recommend both


I was talking to a waiter once on a Celebrity ship that had been on several South American sailings. He said they occasionally changed the dining room hours to accomodate a number of South American passengers who usually ate dinner at 10:30PM.


November in Buenos Aires and Santiago is usually quite good. Go to for historical details on Buenos Aires, and that same site has details on Santiago. Click on world, then enter the city you want. Historically the average high temperature in BA in November is 77, the median temperature is 66 and the average low is 54. Over three inches of rain but I do not recall that as a problem. I can endorse Sandy R's relative weightings on how much time to spend in each city and she has suggested good hotels. If your cruise stops in Puerto Montt be sure to go down to Castro on Chiloe Island. It is colorful and not hit much by tourists. I am hard pressed on advising whether to go to Iguacu Falls. I have seen Niagra, Angel and Iguacu, and falls do nothing for me. But if you like waterfalls, I would say it is as dramatic as Niagra or Angel.