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Almost everything worthwhile carries with it some sort of risk, whether it's starting a new business, whether it's leaving home, whether it's getting married, or whether it's flying in space. Chris Hadfield


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Diplomacy is letting someone else have your way. ... Lester B. Pearson, the 14th Prime Minister of Canada, was a scholar, statesman, soldier and diplomat. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1957 for organizing the United Nations Emergency Force to resolve the Suez Canal Crisis.


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Last quote put me in mind of this poem... so I am quoting it here!


I TOOK a day to search for God,
And found Him not. But as I trod
By rocky ledge, through woods untamed,
Just where one scarlet lily flamed,
I saw His footprint in the sod.

Then suddenly, all unaware,
Far off in the deep shadows, where
A solitary hermit thrush
Sang through the holy twilight hush—
I heard His voice upon the air.

And even as I marvelled how
God gives us Heaven here and now,
In a stir of wind that hardly shook
The poplar leaves beside the brook—
His hand was light upon my brow.

At last with evening as I turned
Homeward, and thought what I had learned
And all that there was still to probe—
I caught the glory of His robe
Where the last fires of sunset burned.

Back to the world with quickening start
I looked and longed for any part
In making saving Beauty be . . .
And from that kindling ecstasy
I knew God dwelt within my heart.

Bliss Carman 1861-1929


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"Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe
is that none of it has tried to contact us."....Calvin (Calvin and Hobbs)

"Young people can be passionate. Older people gotta be more wise,"
"I mean, you're around awhile, you leave certain things to the young. Don't try to act like you're young. You could really hurt yourself." - Bob Dylan

Two of my all time favorites