R.I.P. Bruce


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My avatar for Brucie on my cell phone is a pic of Donald Duck. The Donald will forever remind me of Brucie. Thanks for posting those pics Mary Ann. They made me smile.

And I second the thank you Elf E for moving this thread.

connie seabee

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What a shock to return home and find this post. I am at a loss for words. My prayers go out to Sharon and children.

Mary Ann, I know how close you were to Bruce and his family, my condolences to you too.


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This is so sad. My deepest sympathies to you and to his entire family. I too remember how proud he was of Arami & all of the pictures he posted.


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I am also shocked at hearing this news. I so enjoyed his sense of humor and aways looked forward to viewing pics of his granddaughter. Please send my condolences to his family. RIP, Bruce......

Donna - dsw

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So sorry to hear this - may the family and friends find the peace and comfort they need at this time.
When I Must Leave You

When I must leave you for a littlewhile,

Please do not grieve and shed wild tears

And hug your sorrow to you through theyears,

But start out bravely with a smile;

And for my sake and in my name

Live on and do all things the same,

Feed not your loneliness on empty days,

But fill each waking hour in usefulways,

Reach out your hand in comfort and incheer

And I in turn will comfort you and holdyou near;

And never, never be afraid to die,

For I am waiting for you in the sky!

- Helen Steiner Rice -


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mary ann I am so sorry to hear about this news I never met Bruce but remember his posting and prayers go out to his wife and family


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Wow, what tragic news. I never had the pleasure as some of you did but I knew him well from his posts. It is an example of how frigile life is and how we should all appreciate every moment we have.

I join my @ddicts family with thoughts and prayers for the family.

Sail on Bruce.


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Mary Ann

We are so very sorry to hear about your dear friend. He always had alot of humor in his postings. Our prayers are with him and his family.

Evie & Joe


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Oh how tragic! I am just stunned. Though I didn't have a lot of contact with Bruce, I certainly enjoyed reading about the friendship that so many of you shared with him. This is yet another major loss to our community. My deepest sympathy to his family and all of his friends.....particularly you, Mary Ann. Hugs.

Cruise cutie

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My heart just plain cries...so. so .so unfair..and Bruce was kindness itself..May Sharon and his family find strength to cope over the next hard months..Mark and I are so very sorry..he was such a generous soul..
sigh..I am truly sorry for you as well Mary Ann..he was such a Dear friend to you..RIP..Joanne and Mark