R.I.P. Conniecat

Gayle V

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Oh my, how dreadfully sad. I've been away from the computer for a few weeks now, so I didn't know she had gotten so bad off of late. What a shock when I stopped in to check on things tonight. I will miss her.

I send my deepest sympathy to her family.


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Conniecat's relatives and friends are very appreciative of the outpouring of sympathy for her passing.

Again, these are the funeral arrangments - you can leave your condolences online via the funeral home if you wish.

Connie Simpson
Bopp Chapel
10610 Manchester Rd
Kirkwood, Mo 63122
Viewing Monday 4 - 8 pm
Funeral Tuesday 11 am

Mary Ann



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We had been out of town over the weekend. Upon returning home I knew I needed to check CA to check on Connie's condition. Many prayers have been sent on her behalf and I had such mixed feelings when I read this news... Sorrow at her passing is mixed with bitter sweet joy that she is now at peace and pain free. One could always count on a post from her worth one's time to read when visiting the CA site. She was a very caring person and will be missed by many. Prayers now continue for her family as they journey through the days ahead. God bless. Suez

red stripe

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I am so sorry to read this on our return from Canada.
She will be missed. Her "where in the world" was a great addition to this board, although they stumped me time after time.. a fact that made her laugh so much that she once put a "where in the world" especially for me.
It was an actual shot of one of our local restaurants.. complete with it's name.. so even I could not fail to guess it.

She had a great sense of fun.

I am glad that her beloved cats are getting homes, I know that it was a terrible worry for her through all this.

My condolences to her family.

edited to add..

I thought I was signing in the mortuary guest book, but signed in the paper instead.
I will go back to the link that Mary Ann supplied, click on "Current services" then on Connies name and leave the message again.

I thought about her and her family yesterday as they faced this sad time together.

Last night was Connie's visitation. Had lots of people stop by to pay their last respects. Today was the funeral…….. This was the most difficult day for her brother. He said it’s hard to believe that she is not here. Connie was put to rest alongside her mom, dad and grandma.

I want to thank everyone for the well wishes. I printed out a bunch of the posts and brought them to the funeral home. I wanted everyone to know how much she touched others’ lives.

I also want to thank those who sent flowers and posted their condolences on the Bopp web site. Connie would appreciate it immensely.


Forever Remembered
Scrapbook Lady - I can well imagine how difficult this has been for family and friends. Connie was on my mind yesterday when I knew the Visitation Hours were taking place, and today during the Funeral.

She is a peace, but we certainly miss the dear lady.

Mary Ann


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I miss Connie Cat. I just found out this sad news now as i havnt been around to much. I considered her one of my best friends here.


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I missed this news as I was preparing for our trip. Didn't see it until I got home. :(

Connie will surely be missed but it is a blessing that her pain and suffering is over. How wonderful that Simon has found a loving home. God Love you Mary Ann.

Bon Voyage Connie. We will miss you.