R.I.P. Duncan (my brother)

Jill B

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He passed peacefully early this evening with a lot of our family around him, but I am still having problems accepting that he is not here any more, even though we all watched the funeral directors wrap him and take him away.
A wicked waste.............. his heart was still strong, but the brain tumours ruled in the end. I am numb; my mum seems to be coping better than me, but tomorrow might be worse.

I have to give big thanks to Duncan's DW Lyn for looking after him so well at home so he didn't have to die in a hospital.
Also, the district nurses who visited most days for an hour to give Lyn support.

Now Lyn will arrange the funeral with family input.
Bummer, what a waste, as I already said. Still surreal.


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So sorry to read that you have lost your brother. But he is now free of pain. Take care of you now & remember the good times.



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I know about that numbness girl but its worse when it wears off, I am so sorry for your loss,maybe my John and your brother will meet up in the great beyond and look down on us with love. If you need to talk, call or pm me,know what you are going thru,glad he is out of pain but know you wish as I do he was still with you,know his love is always,I know it cant hug you but it can fill you in your heart someways,and sometimes just somedays but its there when you most need it. Love you my friend,hugs,Korina


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Jill, I lost one of my brothers and know the heartache. Please accept my deepest sympathies and pass them on to your mum, Lyn, Rick and other family members. You should be very proud of Duncan for putting up such a good fight to beat this horrible disease. May he rest in peace and may you someday find comfort. HUGS.


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Jill, Rick, Mum;

Our deepest and most sincers condolances on your loss. From what you've posted, Duncan sounds like tha kind of person I would love to meet. Perhaps, someday I will have that distinct honor. Thank you for having shared a portion of his life with all of us. As you are, I am thankful that his passing was quick, and his pain was (hopefully) minimized. I will always remember him. May God Bless you all ...


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My sincere condolences to you and your family Jill. I lost my brother a few years ago at age 39, and I know how it tears at your heart. My prayers are with you.


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So sorry for your loss. From your previous posts it sounds like he put up a good fight but now he can rest in peace. When my mother died from cancer I didn't want to let her go but on the other hand I wanted her to go because she was suffering. Even though we knew it was coming, it was still over whelming when it actually happened. Condolences to you & your entire family.


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Jill...it is with deepest sorrow that I read this sad news. You and all your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

May friends comfort you
May faith uphold you


May loving memories heal your heart.



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Jill... am so sorry to hear that Duncan has passed away. Somehow you will find the strength to get through the next few days then you will take it one day at a time.


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Oh my dear Jill, I am so sorry to hear this. Einstein and I both send our condolences.

There really is nothing I can say to take away your pain, Just know that you and your whole family are in our thoughts and our prayers.



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JIll - I am so sorry to hear of Duncan's passing. I know how much sorrow you are in as I too have lost a sibling, my sister. I pray for you and your family, and will keep you in my thoughts. (((HUGS)))


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Jill, Mum, Rick and the rest of the Family,

We are so sorry to hear of Duncan's passing, but as others have said, his pain and suffering is over.

Today, you think about special moments with him and you cry. I pray that in the coming days, you'll think of those same moments and smile.

Judi & Michael


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Jill I am so sorry to read this. Even though you knew this was coming, it must be awful that losing Duncan is a reality. I cannot imagine the level of your pain.....all I can do is send hugs.


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Dearest Jill, Rick, Nell and Family...

It is difficult to find appropriate words
to express my sorrow
at reading that Duncan
lost his valient battle.
My sincerest condolances
to you and your family.
May Duncan rest in peace and
may God comfort you.
Love and hugs,
Mary Ann


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Oh Jill, I am so sorry that your brother has passed.

I know how difficult it is to embrace the idea that someone who has been in your life so long, and that you have a lifetime of memories with, is no longer there. Sometimes our hearts take longer then our minds do.

Hugs for you and Rick and your mum. I can't imagine how her heart is tearing....