R.I.P. Elliott


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Our dear Elliott joined his friends Hucc and Mariposa today. May he rest in peace, and may God comfort Cindy and Dan. Here is Cindy's Journal entry.

Saturday, April 10, 2010 3:28 PM, CDT

The entry I have always dreaded to make is here. Our precious precious son Elliott Lee Aldrich passed away today at 11:50 A.M. Daddy and I were the only two with him, holding his hands and telling him things he needed to hear. It was very peaceful and very quick. The MRI came back showing many strokes and meningitis. Did not expect that at all. We will never be the same without him but I am so glad we had him in our lives. He will be missed like no other. I will post arangments once they are made. Thank you all for your support during this very difficult phase of our lives. I am sure Elliott will be waiting on me to arrive so that I can make him his mac and cheese :)


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I never met Elliot, Dan or Cindy - yet I sit here sobbing for the loss.

May Dan & Cindy be surrounded by love each and every day.

There are no words...



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May he rest in peace, he had more than any person could stand - much less a poor kid having to deal with so many illnesses. My heart goes out to his mom, dad, family and friends.


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I am sorry to hear that Elliott has lost his fight but know that he is in a better place now. My heart goes out to Dan & Cindy as they heal from this loss.


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Thank U for posting this, Mary Ann. I read this 1/2 an hour ago and can barely see thru my tears and was going to ask U to inform everyone. Rest in peace, Elliott and Cindy and Dan, there are no words to convey my sympathies....


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I am so sad! Elliott's fight against this horrible disease was inspiring. He was such a courageous young man and so loved. My heart breaks for Cindy and Dan. This must surely be the most painful thing that any parent can face and they are in my prayers. My most sincere sympathy to all of Elliott's family and friends.

Cindy, Dan and your family and friends...at this most painful of times may....

The LORD bless you and keep you;
The LORD make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;
The LORD lift up His countenance upon you,
And give you peace.


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Thank you Mary Ann, though it is news that we never wanted learn.

For Cindy and Dan ...... I can't imagine your pain and the depth of your loss. Elliott fought a good fight ...... now he rests. May you find comfort in all of the memories that you shared. I will never make Mac ' Cheese for my grandson without thinking of Elliott.


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I am so saddened by this news. Elliott went thru so much & put up a good fight. I can not begin to understand the pain of losing a child. There are no words to ease the pain you must be feeling. If there is any comfort in this loss, it must be that he is at least free of pain, free of needles, medicines, hospitals, medical restrictions that kept him from doing all the things he really wanted to do. I don't know of anything to say that will offer you any true comfort during the coming days & months. My heart goes out to you.

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That is so terrible.
Any loss of life is so sad, but the loss of a child is so much more.

we can all flounder around, trying to find the words to express what we feel, but there really is nothing we can say that will sooth the hurt.

My heart goes out to all of the family.


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I am so so so very sorry to hear this. I noted on the aft board and hadn't been here on this forum for so long I was in shock to see Elliott's name. He has always reminded me so much in looks of my godson who passed away last fall in his twenties of a sudden heart attack. This is almost like a double shock.

All my very best warm and blessings to Dan and Cindy who will be shattered by this loss. They gave their very best, sacrificed and should feel proud of all the good they gave to his short life.The path they made in his life with love will continue as a golden road to heaven.

Rest in peace, Elliott...you were loved and known far and wide.


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My heart dropped in to the pit of my stomach when I saw the title of the thread.

Elliott has fought his fight so bravely and corageously. He should be an inspiration to anyone facing challenges with their health.

Elliott's pain has finally ended but Dan and Cindy's continue. My heart goes out to them as do my prayers.

Rest in peace young man.


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As a writer, there are few times I have no words. This is one of them.

Rest in peace, Elliott, and know that your life touched a lot of people in a very inspirational and loving way.



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I find it so horribly ironic that Elliott conquered cancer twice, yet succumbed to a host of other issues that ravaged his young body so brutally. "Ours is not to know the reason why..."


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May the Lord bless U and keep U,my heart is filled with such sadness for Cindy but such joy for Elliott,no more suffering,amen,much love to the family and parents,losing a child is the worse thing in the world,know U are loved,many hugs,John and Korina


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I am so sorry to see that Elliot passed away. I cannot begin to imagine the pain his parents are feeling. My sympathy goes out to all of his family at this time. I have followed his journey ever since I joined this board. Even though you never meet one another you still find friends in cyber space that touch your heart. Elliot was one of those people. I pray he is at peace, free from all the pain he has endured so much in his short life.


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My heart is breaking for a young man we had never met, but felt we knew through all the words written by his dear mother.

There will be a day when you will see these posts, Cindy and Dan...and I want to say that no one can know what it's like to spend the days and nights in the Children's hospital, wishing only that you could change places with your child...so he had not to suffer. As these last weeks have gone by, with Elliott fighting yet another battle, again you were always there.

God bless you both for all your love for your dear son. I'm sure there was comfort for Elliott just knowing you were there.

Our prayers go out for all of you.