Radiance of the Sea questions



Hi! We're sailing on the Radiance to Alaska in Aug and have the following questions for anyone who have been on this cruise:

Are Chops and Portofino open for lunch or only for dinner? and any comments from anyone who has eaten there would be appreciated also.

If we purchase a bottle of wine and do not finish it, can we take it back to our room or, or I think I read on these boards, that it has to stay in the dining room for our use the following night?

Is there hair dryers in the rooms?

We can be at the pier as early as 1030 for boarding--or is this way too early. What time is the first boarding?

Thanks for any responses and any other comments. This is our first time on the Radiance and first cruise to Alaska.


1. Chops and Portifino are both open for lunch. We enjoyed both restaurants but Chops is outstanding.

2. Yes, your wine will be kept for dinner on another night.

3. Yes, there are hair dryers in the staterooms.

4. I cruised on Radiance out of San Juan so I can not answer that question.


One more comment to add to above, you can also request your wine to be delivered to your stateroom, I don't think they will let you carry it out yourself, but they will send it to you, we have done this several times. Also, we have boarded as early as 11 a.m before, we couldn't go directly to our cabins because they are still emptying the ship of other passengers with late flights, but we could go to the pool deck and sit and watch, though it is kind of boring so if you can find something to do until noon its better....

Happy Cruising!!!
119 days until Radiance back to back 11/23 and 11/30!!!
I work so I can cruise!!!