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radiance of the seas RCC Aug 23

Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by shir, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. shir

    shir Guest

    is anyone else going at the same time, maybe we can find staff to do together..?
    any ideas for shore excursions, specifcally bear, eagle and whale watching. who should we go with, where , any other info.
  2. seagal123

    seagal123 Guest

    We're sailing with you!! This is our first trip to Alaska, so we're still checking the boards to get info as to what excursions to go on. Last year we were on the Grandeur and waited until we were aboard to book excursions and one that we wanted to go on was filled. So we will be booking on line. Have you gotten any info for " must do " activities??
  3. shir

    shir Guest

    Well its our first trip to Alaska, and actually our first cruise as well.
    we were mostly interested in doing nature staff: the eagle and bear viewing and maybe whale watch. we will probably be booking on line because it seems a bit cheaper and because we don't want to wait and find out everything is full.
    what kind of excursions are you interested in ?

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