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Radiance of the Seas

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by Brian B, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. Brian B

    Brian B Well-Known Member

    We just disembarked this morning from the Radiance after a ten day cruise to the Mexican Riviera. We had not sailed RCI for about 9 years, the last being the Radiance, as we usually sail with Princess. All of the crew on the Radiance were extremely friendly more so than what we have encountered with Princess. They always tried to do that little bit extra and engaged in conversation. We were so lucky to have an excellent cabin attendant (Vic), waiter (Nicolas), assistant waiter (Sherret), cruise director (Dan). All four were the best ever in the 8 cruises we have taken. The Captain's announcements which were a couple of times each day were informative and humorous. The Captain was not a stuffed shirt which was great to see for a change.

    The ship is beautifully decorated. RCI definitely spends more money on the decor than other similarly priced competition. The Schooner bar and Colony Club are works of art.

    Unfortunately, there is a downside. We found the diner portions large but the menu selection suspect. The menu was lacking shellfish and had several repeats. The desserts were nice but not creative in variety. No creme brule which was a surprise. The Windjammer was better laid out, larger, nicer decorated than say the Horizon Court on Princess; but, the food selection was less and once again lacking shellfish, e.g. scallops, mussels etc.

    The shops on board were lacking in men's and lady's signature clothing where on Princess there is a significant selection of both and the stock is changed or refreshed throughout the cruise.

    We cannot understand why RCI does not allow passengers to bring wine on board or provide laundry facilities while the competition does. $25 for a bag of laundry that is no larger than a plastic grocery bag was a bit excessive.

    The ports of call were very nice except I wouldn't rush back to Zihuantanejo (very dirty). Ixtapa is pretty but I would suggest avoiding the excursion that take you to the Isla of Ixtapa (small beach, primitive lunch, the kids at the dock hassle you for a tip).

    In conclusion, I would travel RCI again for those positives outlined above;but, if it came to two similar cruises and itineraries I would select Princess as a result of the better menu, quality of food, laundry, shops and wine policy.
  2. Mbandy

    Mbandy Well-Known Member

    Glad you liked the Radience. She is a beautiful ship. I know that some cruise lines are scaling back their menus on shorter cruises but didn't know they were doing it on 7 night cruises. No lobster or Crème Briolette? That's criminal!

    Royal not offering self serve laundry doesn't bother me. I hate doing laundry at home so I wouldn't do it on vacation even if I could. I just budget for the laundry service when planning the cruise.

    Thanks for the review :doubleup:
  3. Brian B

    Brian B Well-Known Member

    Don't get me wrong, we did see lobster on the final night and our cruise was for 10 nights which, if a person wishes to minimize luggage due to airline service charges, then a laundry facility is even more important.
  4. Jeanie

    Jeanie Well-Known Member

    Thanks for you review of the Radiance, we will sailing on her this coming October. Glad you enjoy your cruise.

    Mbandy, I am with you, will not do laundry while I am on a cruise. Will not waste my time in a laundry room.
  5. Libby

    Libby Well-Known Member

    I'm glad to have my memory 'refreshed'. We were on the Radiance in December for 10 nights - and definitely had lobster. I, too, don't enjoy doing laundry at home - and part
    of my vacation is not having to do laundry. Also - we found we enjoyed most of the food most of the time ...... which is a better comment on my cooking at home. I do have discriminating tastes - but frankly, if I don't have to shop for the food, cook it, clean up the kitchen afterwards - it's pretty good.
  6. plainjane

    plainjane Active Member

    I will be on her in December. I am glad to hear you thought her so nice-I have been reading a lot of bad reviews lately of her, saying she is in bad shape.

    Creme Brulee-I had it twice my last cruise- (HAL Zuiderdam January 2010) it is okay-but I am really not a fan so I can live without it. I do love chocolate mousse-I am hoping the ROS has that!
  7. KYboaterz

    KYboaterz Active Member

    Going on her in October too...hear she's had plumbing problems but should be completed by September. They didn't dry dock her, but have been working on a few rooms at a time while at sea? or so I've heard...
    Taking air freshener just in case...as I always do...
  8. bluefin

    bluefin Active Member

    We just sailed on Radiance July 23 to 30 for the Inside Passage in Alaska. Had a great time and concur with Brian B. The people working on the ship were great but the food was so-so. But the scenery definitely made up for that!
    PlainJane and Jeannie, hope you have a great time.
  9. Jeanie

    Jeanie Well-Known Member

    We will - love to cruise even if it for a few short days :cheer:

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