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RCC balcony cabins, what part of the ship is better?

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by tarjaybuff, Jul 2, 2004.

  1. tarjaybuff

    tarjaybuff Guest

    Just wondering if anyone has some insight as to what part of the ship is better for views from a balcony cabin. Right now we are on deck 9 towards the aft.
  2. bicker

    bicker Guest

    We're on Deck 9 also, just past the "bump" at midship. I've heard that that's a good spot, although being right on the bump would be nice too.
  3. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    Speaking in mid-ship terms, the bump is not the best. The front side (or even the cabin just aft) of the bump is much better. The balcony is shaped like a triangle and has more room than those cabins directly on the bumped-out section.

    After having many aft cabins, we've learned that we prefer the mid-ship location. Also, look for a cabin that is sandwiched between other decks of cabins if you want a quieter location. Try not to get a cabin directly below a noisy area like the pool deck, a bar, or a nightclub area.
  4. MrsPete

    MrsPete Guest

    Lady Jag -- I'm wondering WHY you prefer mid-ship to aft. Aside from increased walking distance to . . . well, everywhere . . . I'm thinking I'd like aft better. Is there something great about midship I've missed?
  5. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    Hi Mrs. Pete! :wave

    To us, the wake view from aft cabins isn't a big deal. I don't like to be looking backwards all the time. I like to look forwards - to where we're going, not where we've been. It just feels strange.

    We like the mid-ship location for a number of reasons, but mainly because there's less ship movement there and the location is superb. We come & go from our cabins a lot and the access is so easy when you're mid-ship. Everything is at your fingertips.

    I'm probably in the minority. Most people think the aft cabins are to die for. =dunno =huh
  6. scarborough

    scarborough Guest

    I have to agree, midship is the only way to go. Less movement, easy access to elevators and equal views both frontwards and backwards. I'm sure there are plenty who would disagree but this is my preference.
  7. gclark

    gclark Guest

    lots of cruisers prefer to be just behind the "hump" because it cuts down on the wind when traveling and makes sitting out on the balcony very comfortable.
  8. tarjaybuff

    tarjaybuff Guest

    Thank you to evryone for their insight. We are on the 9th deck. We are only 1 of 3 balcony rooms by themselves after a bunch of oceanview rooms. Can't wait to go. Thanks again!
  9. islander

    islander Guest

    I have a question, what is the "bump" of the ship? :help
    We are cruising on the Mariner October 3rd. Deck 7, room 7284. It seems to be right in the middle of the ship. We have heard that you want to be in the middle due to the motion.
    Thanks for the answering this for us. =bigwave
  10. bicker

    bicker Guest

    Radiance-class cruiseships have a "hump" or "bump" on some decks, midships, where the cabins are push out a bit, project further from the center of the ship (the hallway/atrium actually widens -- the cabins don't get longer; this extra space is used, on Deck 9, for example, to house the Library). This protrusion is called either the "hump" or "bump."
  11. maxxboy

    maxxboy Guest

    Voyager class ships have the hump as well. And as far as aft cabins are concerned, if you're able to get a corner aft you might also get a wrap around balcony, allowing views from the side and back. Not sure if all RCI ships offer these type corner aft balconies, but the Radiance and Brilliance do.
  12. islander

    islander Guest

    We are in the middle on deck 7. Balcony room(7284). Are we on the "hump/bump"? =dunno
    Sorry for being so clueless.:lol
  13. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    Examples of "hump", "bump" or "bumped out" cabins for those of you asking:


    On the Adventure of the Seas:

    Deck 7 - in red in your brochure, starboard side - #7312, 7314, 7316, 7318, 7320, 7322, 7324, 7326

    #7324 & 7326 - larger triangular-shaped balcony (#7324 being the larger of the 2)
    #7312 & 7314 - larger triangular-shaped balcony (#7314 being the larger of the 2)
  14. MrsPete

    MrsPete Guest

    Good to know, Lady Jag! I still hope to secure the corner aft room, but I'm writing down these just-behind-the-hump rooms as my second choices. Thanks.
  15. We are afters....got 1100 for the December 2005 cruise on the Brilliance...however the last cruise on the Radiance we did a cabin tour!

    The only thing we realized that on the hump and front of the hump the wind was tremendous. Now, this was May going to Canada and it was chilly! So I think the wind is an issue only during chilly times.

    Still will stick with aft. Next choice would probably be towards the front.......we like motion!

  16. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    :thumb Sure, no problem, Mrs. Pete! :) Of those above, I would choose the slightly aft cabins from the bump because of what Lou said above. The wind could be a nuissance, but the way the balconies are closed in, I don't think it will be in the Caribbean, but better to be safe than sorry. :) My sisters had #8326 (Deck 8, same cabin arrangements as Deck 7) and they loved it. Wind was never a problem there. :)
  17. Peggy

    Peggy Guest

    Lady Jag - we are booked on the Mariner in cabins 7612-7614 - good or bad? Larger balconies?
  18. sstaarzz

    sstaarzz Guest

    Navigator of the Seas

    Can anyone tell me how the balcony rooms (9522 and 9526) are on the Navigator of the Seas?

    This will be our first cruise. Is it a good location?

  19. fern1214

    fern1214 Guest

    Hi All,

    I was in a balcony on deck 9 of the EOS, it was just aft of the hump. It was nice, but the balcony was small. I'm booked on the Mariner in September and got a aft balcony facing the back. The balconies are 2-3 times as big for the same price. This will be my first time with this type of room, but I'll let you know how it turns out.

    Happy Cruising

  20. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    We had a room on the Monarch right under the pool area. I was really concerned that we would hear a lot of scraping of deck chairs, and noise. We only heard noise one time, during the afternoon, probably 3ish, from kids running on deck. It really was nothing....

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