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RCCL Majesty of the Seas formal

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by Maggie, Aug 12, 2002.

  1. Maggie

    Maggie Guest


    I'm a new cruiser and am going on the Majesty on 8/25. Is formal night really dressy. I love to dress up, but my husband doesn't know whether to wear a tux, a suit or just a jacket and khakis, we have been told different things about formal night. He does not like to dress up. I don't want to make him do so only to find that the other gentlemen have not done so, it would ruin his night. Thanks for any advise.
  2. CruzNut

    CruzNut Guest

    We're sailing on the Majesty on 8/23....
    I can tell you that Royal Caribbean is one of the "dressier" lines, on formal night. If your husband is anti-tux, he should wear a dark suit, and tie.
    We'll leave some food for you, but not too much......:lol
  3. Maggie

    Maggie Guest

    Thanks for the info Cruznut!! I'll take your advise and ask him to wear a dark suit with a tie, so we'll both be happy. Have a great time on the Majesty..... and thanks in advance for leaving us some food!! Maggie

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