RCCL, Princess, Carnival or Disney?



I want to take my mom and 2 kids next Dec. and I don't know which to choose. My kids will be 6 and 9 when we go. My mom will be 50. They have never cruised before. i don't want to spend more that $3000 for us all. I can get Disney for $2900 for and inside and $2600 for a D1 (balcony) on Rccl, i have yet to price the other 2. Can someone please tell me some good and bad about each line?


G'day, I have never cruised Disney, but, i have friends who have. They said it was nice, a lot of stuff for kids to do. Cruises are a lot like shopping for clothes. You can go glam (Costa $$), sport (windjammers $$), fun ( Disney-food iffy), middle of the road but tough on kids (Princess-I like them), a bit more expensive but stuffy (Holland of America- beautifull ships, great service but older crowd) or less expensive (Norweigan -some older boats). You have to do your shopping, tell your agent what you want if you don't want to do it yourself, and go for it... With a 50 year old, a 30ish and a couple of kids, you will have to make some concessions. I don't think there is a perfect cruise for all unless you have a very open-minded family.

With kids, I think I would go disney. With mom-Princess, you--don't know. The bucks, spend on inside cabins as food is the same. Outside cabins cost more and you just sleep in the room.... Cabins are small (for 4-5 people), Its a boat, not the Holiday INN lol.

Cruise is an experience, fun and you make the holiday, so choose wisely.. but that's my limited opinion without getting more info from you and based on 9 cruises, various line. Good luck and enjoy. A ship is not home, but that is why we go no...for a different experience.