RCI coupons



I recently enrolled my husband in the Crown & Anchor Society as he did not have a membership card or number. They sent me in the mail today a coupon for $75.00 CDN off a 7 day cruise per cabin.

My question is I already have a cruise booked with RCI for May 3/03 Navigator and would like to know if I should use this coupon now or hope for a higher value coupon perhaps in a later issue of Crown & Anchor magazine. If I use it now can I use another one at a later date for my sailing. Does anyone have any experience with this



The coupons in the magazine are based on the number of cruises you have taken. The more cruises, the bigger the discount. I was only able to use the coupons once. Read the very fine print on the back. First, you must book at a certain fare level. Often you can find a better deal without the coupon. Also, I believe you can not use the coupon for a cruise that is already booked.


I had no trouble giving my TA coupons for our up coming Enchantment back to back cruises. I booked this trip well over a year in advance. The first coupon came in an issus of C&A about 9 months ago. The second coupon came with the C&A magazine that was issued about 3 months ago. Both times, my TA just sent them in and they were applied immediatly to my existing reservation. No problems!


Pilgrim Pete

Emmy, I think that the coupon you are referring to can be used against any cruise and can be used against a cruise already on deposit. I would use the coupon against the Navigator cruise you currently have booked. If you then receive a voucher in the future for a higher value you can worry at that time. Note that it is unlikely that RCI will discount against their newest ships and if they should do that you may well find that in the small print of that particular voucher for Navigator it would state ' for new bookings only' So use the $75 CDN voucher now, while you've got the option.


Just got of the phone with RCI about the coupon. Already booked and paid deposit, got the coupon for $225.00 per cabin (we have booked 3), and RCI said they would take the coupon even after final payment had been made! That will pay for an excursion! Yea!


I just rc'd a coupon for 75.00 CDN with the Crown and Anchor card and it states right on the coupon that it is not valid for cruises already booked. I booked the Navigator for March 2003 about a month ago. I'm wondering if I should try and use the coupon anyway. It doesn't seem like there is a standard policy on this.......


Whenever I have a cruise booked and deposit down I always use the coupons if I get them after the deposit was paid. RCI has always taken them. Although the coupons state that they can't be used, I have never had one declined.