RCI is the WORST!!! "TEST" surcharge at Johnny Rockets in effect



This is the WORST WORST CRUISE EXPERIENCE I have ever had and I haven't even stepped foot yet!!!~!!!!!

RCI is SO horrible to deal with -- travel agent messed up with my seating and RCI won't change; all of the uncertainty regarding the Labadee change; now this!!!!!! I did not pay $2000 for a cruise to have them change the rules after the game!!!!!

RCI customer service is even more horrible!


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If you can not get the seating changed because the one you want it full, ask to be put on the waitlist. If it still hasnt been changed by the time you sail, then once on board, ask the maitre 'd if he can get it changed for you. They will try to accomodate your requests if possible. Give them a chance.

Regarding Labadee, that isnt the cruise lines fault, they have made that change out of necessity and any line would have done the same. From what I hear they are substituting a stop in the bahamas for this port. Someone here posted all the substitutions, see if you can find it through the search option.

Lastly, relax..... you will have a wonderful time. Since your money is already spent, and you are already going (I read before its too late for you to cancel without penalty), just step back and take a breath. I know things have not gone how you imagined, but honestly you will enjoy your trip if you dont go with the pre-set assumption that you will hate it. Cruising is fabulous.... you will see.

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Is it too late for you to cancel and rebook with another cruise line? That's always an option too if you aren't under the penalty phase of your booking. Your dining assignment, as you stated was screwed up by your own TA, not the cruise line. If you are tying to change seating assignments and there is no available seats to change you too, that is not their fault. When you get on the ship, check to see when they will have the table set up outside of the dining room to request a seating change. If it can be done, they will do it. Everyone goes for second seating, so if you have those arrangements, you should't have a problem switching to first.

As far as Labadee, they replaced it with stops to Nassau or CoCoCay. And the rules can change anytime the cruise line wants them to. It's all in the cruise contract. They can do what they want, when they want. Not something we all agree with, but if you want to sail with them, you have to go along with it or sail on another cruise line.

The saga of Johnny Rockets charging for food is discussed in several threads down the board.


labadde is a world security problem...you complain about everything get over yourself...............................if it rains on your trip will you cry?...........................


As much as the surcharge at Johnny Rockets stinks, it's still cheaper then the $35 my fiancee and I spent at JR's at the mall last week. We didn't order anything out of the ordinary either. Keep that in mind as you're paying $4.00 a person.


Jenn that's exactly the mindset they're hoping you bring. The fact is, most of us booked our cruise with the understanding that meals in Johnny Rockets were included (not free, included). Now, after they have our money, we hear that it is not included. I don't care what the rationale for adding the upcharge is, the fact is that in a manner or speaking, we already paid to eat there. Something else that annoys me about it is I still haven't seen any mention of it on the RCCL website. So, presumably, the people that aren't surfing the right websites are going to be in for something of a shock when they board. I'm a little annoyed now, but I would be absolutely incensed to discover this type of thing after I boarded the ship.


Remember things usually happen in small ways , first Johny Rockets soon all the price of a cruise will cover is just that and all meals will be add. cost . So with that lets all have our voices heard now before its to late .


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The charge for Johnny Rockets is only a test so far. The post titled" did you here" has the dates and the ships involved. If people complain I don't think they will go ahead with the charge. As for your table seating Ali explained what to do. And to be honest until you sail RCCI you won't really know how you actually like cruising with them. Before thinking you are going to hate them, relax and see how your cruise goes. Hopefully it will go well.

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Is the fact that you may have to pay for a hamburger going to ruin your cruise ??
If you don't want to pay for a burger then by all means stay away from J.Rockets. It isn't really all that big of a deal anyway.
The buffet serves all the food one could possibly want and / or hold for free.

Re /Labadee, surely you must have seen on T.V. , read / heard in the news about all the violence going on in Haiti. Sounds like a very good place to stay away from for a while.

I hate to say it but someone needs to---if you go on any vacation with the attitude you appear to have, then methinks you and anyone with / around you will be miserable.


I think you're looking at this the wrong way. When we booked the cruise, the cost for eating at Johnny Rockets was included. In essence, we already paid to eat there. Shouldn't have to stay away. In and of itself, it's really not that big a deal; but in principle, it is a big deal. As I said before, there's still no mention of it on the RCCL website. At best disingenuous, and maybe a little dishonest too. I don't think your comments were directed at me, but thought I'd pipe up anyway! :)


I agree with Cornhogio. If they want to start charging for a restaurant that was included in the original fare , then they should announce the change and start the charge in 90 days so anyone not happy with the change can cancel and go to another cruise line with no money being lost.

If you purchased a car and when you went to pick it up the dealer told you that it that they had added some additional costs , would you say that it is no big deal?


Can anyone clairfy the charges? Some posts are stating $3.95/per person cover, some posts are stating $3.95/per hamburger?

What gives?



Royal Caribbean Tests Johnny Rockets Surcharge
In this week's second bit of new-restaurant-surcharge news, Royal Caribbean has launched a test program that involves a $3.95 per-person fee at its Johnny Rockets restaurants.

The fee, introduced this week on Mariner of the Seas, will spread to Navigator of the Seas beginning with Saturday’s voyage (March 13), a seven-night Eastern Caribbean cruise out of Miami. Spokeswoman Jaye Hilton attributes the test effort, which she calls "very preliminary," to helping "manage demand for the restaurant."

"As Johnny Rockets gets more popular shore-side, it’s getting increasingly popular on our ships," she says. "Our ultimate goal [in charging a fee] is to enhance guest satisfaction."

The surcharge also applies to carry-out orders; folks will pay $3.95 for a set "takeaway" package, which consists of a burger, fries, onion rings and dessert. In-restaurant diners will still be able to consume unlimited quantities. This "new" per-person fee at Johnny Rockets is not unprecedented for Royal Caribbean, however; Voyager of the Seas, which was the first ship to incorporate a chain restaurant onboard, initially charged a fee (which was ultimately revoked due to passenger uproar).

Members of all three levels of Royal Caribbean’s Crown & Anchor Society (its past passenger program) who sail on Navigator of the Seas and Mariner of the Seas, will receive a coupon for one free visit.

Johnny Rockets is only found on Royal Caribbean’s Voyager-class ships (Voyager, Explorer, Adventure, Navigator, and Mariner of the Seas). Despite its widespread popularity, Hilton says there are currently no plans to expand the chain to other ships in the Royal Caribbean fleet.


I ate at J Rockets on the Navigator. My impression:

1) you still had to pay for Shakes and Floats
2)The burger and fries was the same as you can get off teh kids meals at dinner
3) it was loud and small and I ate there only once.

RCCL will learn really quick that its not worth the revenue..


I see it as something that could be a catalyst to other charges for things that are currently included in the cruise fare.

We need to put our foot down, otherwise who knows what will be next.


had friends just come off of the navigator last week and they had no charges...........................


The food is not that great at Johnny Rockets anyway. The milkshakes are good but I had the worst hotdog of my life there on a cruise last year. Don't sweat it. Just eat in the cafe. It will be better anyway.



I know what you mean, but at the same time the more people protest now the less likely they are to try it with something else. JMO.