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RCI is the WORST!!! "TEST" surcharge at Johnny Rockets in effect

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by Morgsmom, Mar 10, 2004.

  1. njcruiser

    njcruiser Guest

    You are one of the few that understand that it is the principle of the matter,it's not about the 3.95. I find it interesting that so many would write to say ,just don't go there. I called Miami and explained that I would in fact cancel my cruise in August if they are charging fees for things that were free when I booked.I equate it to entering a contract. They offered a certain product and I agreed to pay a certain price for it. Perhaps something along the lines of a class action lawsuit for false and misleading advertisement could be brought forth. I wonder if there is some angle available to the disenchanted. At bare minimum there must be some legal guidelines as to what and how you can change something of this nature.The way our courts work in the US they should be fearful. If they don't get slapped now they will continue to reinvent your cruise while you are onboard.Naturally,it would just be an experiment.
  2. njcruiser, you did sign a contract. If you read the fine print, you will see that RCCL as well as all cruiselines retain the right to change many things including itinerary. It may not be great PR, but it is legal. The problem is, we never read the fine print. Imagine being set up to cruise to the Caribbean and being divertied to New Engand and Nova Scotia as happened last summer out of Boston. People were angry, but it was indeed legal. Too many times. all we do is research cruise forums and chat rooms and don't pay a lot of attention to our cruise contracts. If we did, we would all realize that many things we take for granted are can be changed at any time.

    We may not agree with what the cruise line does and we should voice our displeasure, but we shouldn't go off the deep end and talk about ridiculous class action suits which have absolutely no merit and only add to overly clogged court systems.
  3. PoohRules

    PoohRules Guest

    I have never sailed RCCL, but I am booked for May 9th. I placed a deposit back in Sept - after I called to ensure what required an additional surcharge. I included JR in my list when I asked about additional charges and was told my entire list had no surcharges. I was required to make my final payment Feb. 29th. I waited until one week before that deadline, still sort-of shopping around. NOW, it is 60 days before my cruise - I can not cancel without losing part of my money - but they can either charge me more to use things that were free or I can not use those services.

    Look, it is not about the $3.95 - which, I agree, everyone forgets adds up - I am not traveling alone. It is about the fact that I was required to pay in full before a certain time period and now I still have more time before my travel date. What else are they going to add before I travel?

    Furthermore, I contacted them today for a waiver to have unlimited use of JR - since I booked and paid before the surcharge. Hastings - the horrible CS agent - informed me she was the only person I could speak to and my choice was to stay in my room and enjoy the view I have paid over $2k for.

    So far, I really hate this line. I sailed once before and loved it - Carnival. We selected this for the ports and the ships look nice. The CS has been terrible - not just in relation to this. But I am stuck. Now a vacation I was really looking forward too - I feel I have to take - it may end up being great, but since they have given me such a bad initial impression - I do not want to go. I have paid for seperate airfare and we are traveling with another couple. How can you have fun and give it a chance - when you have such a bad impression before you go?
  4. 2cruzenutz

    2cruzenutz Guest

    I think RCI should make the charge for JR's $9.95 for children under 12, and $14.95 for everyone else. That would surely help to reduce the crowding problem, and really cut down on the numbers of kids hanging out there. THEN, everybody that flocks to cruise ships so they can scarf down burgers and fries, will have easy access to satisfy their junk-food needs.

    After reading posts on this and other boards, I find it amazing that some people's happiness on a cruise hinges on eating free (and not that great) burgers. I personally would have no problem if RCI removed JR's from their ships. I always felt it was more of a come-on to broaden their customer base.

    Charge or no charge, it won't make me change a booking or go searching for the best junk-food afloat.

    jmho.....sarcasm intended!
  5. Cornhogio

    Cornhogio Guest

    2cruzenuts, do you just not get that it was never free, it was included! Now, it's not included! The cruise line brought it aboard to help there business, and advertised it as included. Your sarcasm is absurd, because it's based on an incorrect premise. If you don't want to eat there, then fine; don't! But those of us that have booked this cruise and paid under the assumption that Johnny Rockets was included, have every right to be cross about it. Am I going to cancel my reservation? No. Am I planning any action at all aside from making it very clear to RCCL that I think this is a BS move? Nope. To imply that people are whining because they're annoyed about it makes absolutely no sense to me. The assertion that it was ever free is utterly ridiculous!
  6. 2cruzenutz

    2cruzenutz Guest

    I book my cruises a year ahead, so should I expect that there will be no changes between booking and sail dates? Of course not! Will RCI have to announce effective dates for a change in the amount of $3.95 a year in advance, 6 months, 90 days, 30 days??? No matter when they announce the change, it will affect some passengers.

    As for the "eating free" in my post, just read the post above mine by PoohRules. It is just a mind set some people have. I'm aware of the fact that I pay for the food I eat on the cruise before I ever board.

    My sarcasm was intended to be absurd in order to illustrate the absurdity of all the griping and moaning over a $3.95 charge to get into a greasy-spoon-burger-joint.
  7. uncleroy

    uncleroy Guest

    I Have Voiced My Concern And Also Emailed Rccl About This Matter. My Family And I Are Upset Over This Matter,If Evryone That Feels The Same Way About J.R. Would Send Rccl A Email And Call To Voice Their Displeasure,We Could Have This Changed! ALSO I am Glad To Live In The Land Of The Free,Because We Live In Such A Great Country,We Have The Right To Voice Our Concerns! We May Not All Agree On This Matter,But Thats What Makes Our Country So Great,We Can Voice Our Opinion And Listen To Both Sides Of The Story And Decide What Or Whom Is Right Or Wrong!
  8. Cornhogio

    Cornhogio Guest

    My perception (and my personal feelings) are that it's not about the hamburger joint, it's the principle behind it. Further, if we create an uproar about this, now, there is less likelihood that they will try to sneak something more significant in later. I guarantee you that if everyone just took an "oh well, that's the way it goes" attitude about this, they would try to institute another charge for something else sooner rather than later. I'm sailing in August, and my guess is that there will be enough people calling in between now and then that they will have long since dumped the surcharge.
  9. studman

    studman Guest

    We need to band together and call them about how we feel.
    This is the only way we can stop the madness!!
  10. JeffC

    JeffC Guest

    I am sailing in August on the NOS and have already sent RCCL my email. I will also be calling them if I don't get a response to the email within a couple of days.
  11. Jackson14V

    Jackson14V Guest

    We just got back from our first cruise yesterday on the EOS. Did NOT have any concerns with Johnny Rockets:
    1- Food pretty good (no complaints).
    2- You sit down, they bring you a tray of French Fries & Onion Rings as they come to the table to greet you (if you want more, they will just keep them comin as long as you want).
    3- No cover charge (what ever people are talking about in this thread ???).
    4- The ONLY item you pay extra for is the Milk Shakes ($3.50), you want one, you pay !!!

    Overall.... we had a great time
  12. uncleroy

    uncleroy Guest

    The Only Two Ships They Are Charging The Fee Are The Mariner And The Navigator, A Rccl Rep Said This Was A Test For The Next Two Weeks.
  13. studman

    studman Guest

    I JUST spoke with RCI and was told they are only testing a charge in jr's on two ships

    The Mariner And The Navigator for now. It will be starting on the 3/13 sailing and will run for EIGHT WEEKS!

    I myself will be sailling on April 17 right in the middle of they "test" and I am not very happy about he extra charge.

  14. uncleroy

    uncleroy Guest

    Seems Like Rccl Is Telling Everyone Something Different,I Will Call Rccl Again And Voice My Concern On This Issue Again!
  15. carefreemom

    carefreemom Guest

    So here's a thought. If I eat at JR's for dinner and consider the 3.95 charge
    my tip, does that mean I
    don't have to tip the dining room waiter for that night?
  16. John

    John Guest

    Jackson14V, The Explorer is not having the test "charge" yet. What you describe how it has been on the Voyager class ships since the start. This new charge will charge you for the meal + the milkshakes on Mariner and Navigator of The Seas.

    It has caused some to be upset.
  17. scduo

    scduo Guest

    What ship are you going on? I was just on the Mariner and I think the surcharge was $3.95. Crown and Anchor guests get a coupon to eat there for free. We didn't eat there because the line was too long, and we have a Johnny Rockets at home so why eat there on the ship. Plus the food in the Windjammer was probably better anyway. The Mariner was AWESOME, by the way....................
  18. JeffC

    JeffC Guest

    Here is RCCL's two cent reply:

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    At this time we are running a test charge of $3.95 to dine in Johnny Rockets. This test will determine if the charge will help with the service and quantity of people that dine there. We have recently experienced many complaints regarding the wait time and the long lines and we are trying to eliminate those situations.

    We appreciate your opinion and your time.

    Thank you for choosing Royal Caribbean International.

    Mandy Woods
    Customer Service Representative
  19. jk

    jk Guest

    Sounds like a "test" during spring break time.
  20. blndee

    blndee Guest

    I totally agree, I went on Monarch of the seas Feb 23 2004 and it sucked was the worst time ever, the food sucked the entertainment sucked the whole cruise was a big wayste of time. I took two 13 year olds and they were so bored that when we got back into port I had to take everyone to Universal Studios to make up for it. I will NEVER take RCCl again ever.... I have been on 4 other cruises 3 with Carnival and we had a blast each and every time. My son was never bored, infact we never even seen him most of the day on those cruises but not on RCCL every time I came back to my room the boys were sitting there watching TV?? What this was suppose to be a cruise. I felt so bad for having my brother and his wife come and not having a total blast like on Carnival, even the staff sucked compared. What a big wayste of $$ and time. We will be booking a cruise for next summer on Carnival Cant wait I know we will have fun because it isn't RCCL.

    P.S. I still love cruising, just wish I had listened when other people told me that RCCL sucked at least on the West Coast compared to Carnival.

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