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RCI & Luggage at airport

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by herb, Aug 11, 2002.

  1. herb

    herb Guest

    When we sailed RCI in 1994 we thought it was great that when we left NY we did not see our luggage again till we found it in our cabin in Miami. When we got off the plane in Miami RCI automatically took care of the luggage. We only had to carry our hand luggage off the plane, onto the bus and while waiting to check in. When we sailed Carnival this did not happen. You had to claim luggage, shlep it to bus, shlep it to the pier...
    Does RCI still take care of the luggage?
  2. cruisequeen

    cruisequeen Guest

    I don't use the cruiseline transfers because I usually book my own flight, but I believe that after 9/11 all cruise lines are making you claim your baggage. I may be wrong, so I hope there is someone out there who can confirm this.
  3. Ali

    Ali Guest

    Since 9-11 you have to claim your own baggage. Sorry Herb! I don't take the transfers anymore, I just grab the luggage and hop a taxi. I hated waiting until the bus pulled up and then filled to the max before we could leave.

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