RCI Navigator dropped the ball


Lady Jag

I read it the other day and thoroughly enjoyed it! :thumb Good to see that you gave it 5 out of 5 stars. Wish more people would write reviews!


Ok - I am here to defend you! You have every right to state your opinion and I don't think you were out of bounds at all. I support your right to vocalize your complaints!


I agree with oriolesfan. I think you did a good job in just staing the facts of what happened to to you. iT sounds like things rather snowballed.


And people have the same right to disagree with me as well. All I ask is don't attack me and be rude and sarcastic. That is not what these boards are about. Good grief.

Thank you! :)


I actually like to hear things like this. Not that I like negativity, but I like to be well informed. When I cruise, Im spending HARD earned money. I like to know all the good stuff, and I also like to know which companies value my business (or don't). Im glad you posted this, thanks for the information. Dont take to heart others reactions, Im finding there are a few here that can be harsh in their replies. Please dont let that change the information you share.


You are very right, these boards are not for people to attack posters. There is a way to give an opinion without being harsh to the person. Cruise addicts is a place where people come to discuss cruising and other things and not get flamed. You have every right to post about your cruise. Again I'm sorry your cruise didn't go as you had planned and I hope your next one is great :thumb


I for one see nothing wrong with asking someone in the jewelry store to clean my ring. Maybe if I were at home I wouldn't but this was something special. As for rude service in the ship shops I have found that over and over again. I do not know why! Your complaints seem fair to me, but I will tell you from past experience your letter was probably too long. Just my opinion for what it's worth. I think I would have consintrated on the food service only with a slight mention "there were other issues as well" When the complaints get too long the company, normally will just turn off. I hope I am wrong; let us know what transpires.



I agree, the information that was provided from rmcg1975 is helpful. I like to know this stuff and it makes you look out for things. I'm only a "one time" cruiser. So I am wet behind the ears. But every bit of input helps. Thank you for your post and I hope all goes well with your next cruise. Please let us know what the outcome is of your letter.

rmcg1975 I have a question. My son and his wife want to purchase a Disney cruise for her Mom, Dad, brother and sister. What did you think of it? Was it to much Mickey Mouse or was it pretty sublime? I hear its not overkill, but want to know if they will have fun. I know the kids will, but what about the parents? Thanks for your help.:wave