RCI paying for good comments on websites?



Can I be part time scum?? We'll have to have a board meeting to discuss this. We'll get back to you once a decision is made. The HEAD SCUM will let you know! It might help if you bribe us.:lol


Well, maybe we can make PH part time scum....but, first we need to know what she plans to be the rest of the time. You and I know that being SotE is a full time job. Perhaps she could scum share with another person.


Geez what a honor to be a Half A*S scum. Lucky you Paul!! :)D And who said Tony wasn't generous!! =huh


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Dang, then I need to be careful what I say here...:laughing: it may just be used against me when I'm checking my suitcase full of rum runners in on my next cruise??? It would also serve RCL if they hire 'cheerleaders' they could also be a 'mole' looking for 'trouble makers' :diablo:


If you take me serious, it's your problem
As this is old news... it does make one wonder about anyone who posts such good things about one particular cruiseline .... especially if they are comparing a competitor cruiseline in a negative light. While i will say that most reviews here, or advice given has been pretty much straightforward, there have been a few posts where some posters have bee na little more than emphatic about one cruiseline vs. another.... So how do you draw the line at loyalty, or corporate schill???? i guess that is why it is always best to read all posts to a thread and get a general concensus of advice , or recomendations. Above all, YOU... and only you are responsible for what advice you accept or reject... and YOU... and only you are responsible for your own cruising experience in the end...