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john s. laughton

We are planning a cruise to Alaska next year. What we need is any information any of you, who have been on an Alaskan cruise, could give us concerning your experiences and any advice such as best time of the year to go, what preparations, type of clothes to pack, excursions(is it better to make our own reservations or utilize the ship's reservations?), just anything that would help first-timers like ourselves. Thankyou ahead of time.

Steve and Janice Laughton


We went to Alaska 8/17/02 on the Radiance. We had pretty poor weather, rain, fog, wind, and cool temps. The cruise 2 weeks before us had mostly sunny days. The most acurate thing to say about Alaska is that it is very unpredictable. Cruising the Hubbard glacier, we had on ski jackets and thermal underwear. Juneau was just a light jacket day, and Skagway is always windy. Plan for everything is probably your best bet.
Have fun



We went to Alaska on July 3,2002, and we had absolutely beautiful weather. We never got a drop of rain. It would be overcast, partially cloudy, then sunshine, so it can be unpredictable. The most useful item of clothing for us, was a wind suit. We also live in a province where it gets minus 40 below zero, therefore, 60 degrees was not cold for us. It all depends where you live.

I found the reviews very helpful when we were planning our trip. You can also e-mail people who have been to Alaska, and I found they were more than helpful.

I got plenty of info from Lots of info there.

We booked a inside room, but we were upgraded to a balcony, I must say a balcony is a must for Alaska. There is land on both sides of the ship and plenty to look at. If you can arrange it, book the lowest balcony and perhaps an upgrade will follow.

I have a review written. July 3, 2002, Alaska. You may want to check this one out!!

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kathy vicchiollo

we did alaska sept 2000, lots of rain. i'd do it again but in the summer. in skyway take the bus tour not the train, they both go to the same place, but the bus stops for photos you'll see the pipe line and a great sign saying welcome to alaska. it was very cold up there but back down in town was about 40 degrees warmer. if your ship goes to haines get off take a photo of the snow cap mountain and get back on the ship! because you have seen everything there. or CD said haines is alaskan for don't get off the ship!
all in all a great cruise no matter what time of the year