Re: Concierge Class on Celebrity?



Kwattro said:
I found CC to not really deliver for me personally. The fruit was OK the first day, but really we have soooo many food choices onboard it usually went uneaten, plus the term "fresh" fruit on a cruise ship at sea... The hors d'oeuvres were gross, period. Stale crusty pucks that you have no idea how long they've been out, and again sooooo much food on the boat that they usually went uneaten.
We don't drink so the free bottle of booze was gifted to someone else, and why would I want to sit around in my room drinking anyway. We got flowers the second day and a rose in the bathroom during the last week.

Our stateroom was on deck 9 right in the middle, views were awesome. The room size was good though a little crammed with the glass coffee table, everything was looking quite worn though clean. The bed was terrible. The bathroom was better than expected. Our stateroom attendant (Santano) was awesome as were everyone else involved with keeping out room tidy. Priority dis/embarkation wasn't used due to out flight time incoming, and a broken unloading crane upon leaving, not a big deal for us either way. Television set was a joke. No insuite internet was a piss off, especially at those prices. Having that balcony was worth the extra money alone.

If I could have got a balcony room in the middle of either 3 top decks and skipped the CC perks I would have been just as happy. It could be a different story now since the ship is getting a refit.

Moderator note: This post refers to the Millenium
Where to start...Thank you for your review and welcome to cruise addicts...:wave
Okay, well anyone would have told you what you now know about CC. It's been posted many times, not worth more than a couple hundred more, if that. There are some who will swear it's larger, and those of us who disagree, or just don't see it as large enough to make a difference. The "amenities" are a joke indeed. However, you do tend to get better service. Yes, a balcony makes the cruise far nicer. Priority embarkation/disembarkation isn't such a big deal if you know how to get around it. I have it automatically as Elite, but you can EASILY get around it. The Millie is an old girl. I dispute your comment about the prices though. Gimme a break! You paid the lowest price for a cruise decades.But then again, you didn't get the same experience you would have if you paid full cruise prices. You say you don't want to "sit around in your room drinking", but want to sit around in your room (usually called a cabin) and cruise the internet? =? I'm surprised you didn't comment about the noise on Deck 9. I found it really noisy and would never recommend Sky Deck.

In any case, glad you liked most of the cruise. Now that you have a bit of experience, you'll have a point of comparison. Was the Millie your first?

ps - the fruit is loaded onto the ship fresh when you sail...which is why the bananas and pears are hard as rock the few first days.