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Regarding my last post: the ebay auction is for vouchers for cruise for two no hidden cost includes port fee, taxes and fuel surcharge. It says that you can pick from select cruises that they post weekly. vouchers are good for up to three years. this is from Has anyone had any dealings or hear about vouchers ? I would go on more cruises if this was legit the cost of cruise is not bad for us it's the air that gets us if we could save more on the cruise would make up for the high air.
thanks for your feedback


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I have purchased 5 vouchers from this company, and I am currently booked on the Navigator of the seas for Dec 2010, 5 nights. I have 4 platinum vouchers remaining and I will likely use 2 Platinums to book a Diamond level cruise sometime in the next couple of months. I bought my first voucher in June and my most recent 10 days ago, it was delivered within 5 business days by FEDEX from the corporate head office in London England. The Travel Agency seems to have a good history of customer service and I have been very pleased with how my booking was handled. If you go to their site and read their customer blog , which they just started, you will see one cruiser posting regarding getting his confrimation from the cruiseline last week. There are also a number of testimonials from satisfied clients.

Just for the record, the last Platinum voucher I purchased cost me 170 USD plus $10 for FEDEX which requires a signature. You may get the diamond level cheaper by buying 2 Platinums. For all of you reading this, yes that is correct 170 for 2 people , 5 nights, Navigator of the Seas, no adiditonal costs , taxes etc. Just tips and airfare. Be aware these are mostly inside with the odd oceanview, and the rare balcony. They are only available for cruises that the Agency has a large group booking for and needs to sell the last one or two cabins quickly, so the choice can be limited, but at 85 bucks a head , I think it is a great way to fit in a few more short cruises.

I have spoken to a number of people by email who are clients of this Travel agency and they have taken cruises with these vouchers The cruise lines are limited choice, Celebrity, RCL, Azamara and NCL mostly. Right now mostly Celebrity and RCL. They did have Carnival cruises on thier voucher site, but apparently they wont be offering them in the near future.

The cruises vary from 4 night quick trips to 14 night Transatlatic Crossings. There is currently listed a cruise return from Sydney AU. , 7 night Mexican Riviera , Repo cruise for Oct 2010 Bayonne to San Juan via Bernuda with Celebrity etc, etc
This is not last minute stuff, the quickest date is July 2010 and the farthest out is feb 2011.

Hope this helps answer some questions.


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They are only available for cruises that the Agency has a large group booking for and needs to sell the last one or two cabins quickly, so the choice can be limited, but at 85 bucks a head , I think it is a great way to fit in a few more short cruises.

This is not last minute stuff, the quickest date is July 2010 and the farthest out is feb 2011.
Just to comment here: a couple of things don't sound quite right...
1)the cruise lines don't issue vouchers. :shrug:

And 2) the comment about these need to move quickly also doesn't make much sense..Dec 2010 sailing?? That group space won't be pulled for a long long time so...?? :shrug:

to quote Judge Judy: "If it doesn't make sense..etc,etc." I would call the cruise line and ask about this.


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You are in Canada, MortgageChick is in Canada, this is a promotion by a British company, with what looks like Aussie ties, you all be family, well kinda, but whatever the case, and I would definitely want to refer this to a travel professional, but I would want to question for a U.S. citizen what issues could arise dealing with a British travel agency as these vouchers would have to be redeemed through this agency.
As a U.S. citizen I would want to, as Barry says, contact the cruise line involved and even more, do a lot of homework and make sure I could actually use the voucher without issues, problems and added fees due to being non British or Canadian and having to circumvent some legal issues.
It may be a good deal for some, nightmare for others.

Plus with Celebrity being one of the cruise lines, I am real surprised that BseaBob isn't on this like flies in a barnyard............


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regarding the comment on the cruise line issuing vouchers, the vouchers are issued by the Travel Agency , they have a serial number and can be redeemed for cruises up to 3 years from the date of issue.

I have my first cruise booked and confirmed , and I plan to book others, hopefully my plans will pan out.

I don't profess to know all the differences between how British Travel Agents and North American Agents book cruises, but I think we all know that there are different rules in the uK on pricing, price drops, full payment, and cancellation policies, it is likely that they have different policies on selling group space too.

The web site lists the following affiliations/credentials

CLIA No 00399055
ACE Membership no F4940

At the site it states the following: Is Owned By Europe's No 1 Cruise Group Travel Specialist
Cruise Direct UK Ltd.

I will keep you up to date the closer I get to sailing


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Ebay is an on your own for the most part, buyer beware if you value your wallet shopping experience. You put your trust in fate and Ebay policies. This may be a very legitimate company, IN the U.K., and will be interesting to see how the results of voucher use turn out in the end, but in the meantime let's don't promote them too much, since they are professed to be a travel agency and selling travel product


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Sorry Bob, I did not have any intention of promoting them, but felt the need to defend my post by bringing attention to the fact that they are a bona fide travel supplier with a parent company that well known and respected in the UK.



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No problem, it is always nice to know who are the good players and who aren't, and if people can get cruises for dimes on the dollar and it is not a scam, God bless, go forth and prosper, it is just that we try to be careful as to when discussion crosses over to promotion. But don't worry, when a company is legitimate and has a good customer service history they usually don't need much defending..........:cool:


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I do know for a fact (as in within a week meeting) that International selling has become a top priority crackdown with RCL/Celebrity)

-i.e. U.S. isn't supposed to sell to them and vice's in all the contracts.

I would hate to be there at the pier and find them saying these are no good.
CALL the line! For all of us Mchick-let us know what they say.

By the way...the TAXES are more than what you are being, they are taking a LOSS for you to cruise in 2010? Doesn't add up. Humble opinion that I hope helps.


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Let me also make a quick comment for U.S. citizens (I can't speak for Canadians).

The cruise lines have, indeed, cracked down on international sales - some more restricted than others. At one time, we (our Agency) had no problems whatsoever selling cruises to overseas Clients. I'm not referring to Canadian Clients but to those far-off international. Now, some lines have changed the rules.

I'm another one who would be very suspicious...
Thank you all for the discusion. It does not add up to me. a cruise for two that sold for $428.00 -$225(Canadian) per person does not make sense.Especially when they are offering 10 , 14 day cruises for that . someone would be loosing a lot of money . there must be a catch(usually is) I think I will wait till i here back from =X= .


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I saw this ad on Ebay too. I suspect it has something to do with this:

Cruise Line Cancellations

Some travelers reserve a specific cruising date, sometimes a full year or year and a half in advance. Then, shortly before the cruise, they are told that that particular cruise has been rescheduled. They are told that they can go on another one, on certain dates, which may not fit their work schedule. Most contracts say that a cruise line can cancel at any time, for basically any reason.

Or this:

Boat Ride to Hell

In the travel certificate industry, the amount you are initially charged during the sales call is known as the "front end" fee. This is because you do not receive a vacation for the money initially charged to your credit card, nor does that front end fee pay for your vacation.

In fact, most, if not all of the front end fee pays the owners and their telemarketers for their sales efforts. For your initial $398, $498, or $598, you receive nothing more than a package containing a short video, some advertisements and a "reservation request voucher"

When you receive the vacation package you discover that you will have to pay more to take the vacation you thought you had already paid for. You find you have actually just paid for the "option" to purchase a vacation and also realize that you did not win a thing.

The required additional payment, or the "back end" fee, is at least $198 to $316. They state that the back end fee is for "port reservation processing fees." In fact, the back end fee pays for most, if not all, of your "cruise" vacation accommodations.

Should you call and attempt to cancel your vacation it is flatly stated that they have a "no refund" policy and that you cannot cancel your initial purchase. If you read the fine print on the back of the reservation vouchers that are included in their vacation packages, you will discover that they actually do have a return policy within a specified number of days, depending on the state in which you live.

If you return the vacation package, even following the instructions on the back of the reservation voucher, you inevitably receive your package back, often several times, until you either give up or call a law enforcement agency, the Better Business Bureau, your credit card company or a private attorney.

People who seek third party assistance generally receive a refund. Those who do not are generally stuck paying for the misrepresented vacation package.


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Hi Is there anybody out there that has actually bought one of these vouchers and been on the cruise . I have bought a diamond cruise voucher on ebay but have got to wait until next year 2011 to see if i have been conned. alan


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Re: Diamond Cruise(cruise voucher)- An Update

Just a quick update for you on my cruise booked with this voucher
Today I have received my RCL booking ID, and have confirmed on RCL website that I am indeed booked on this cruise ( 5 nights dec 13-18- Navigator) Cost= my bid of $270 - inside for 2 people incl all taxes and port. I have upgraded for 100 each for total cruise cost of 470 for 2 people all tax and port. I have confirmed stateroom 6266 - Balcony for this price, and have confirmed on RCL site under my crown and anchor ID.

I will not go into further detail as I am sure there are still some out there that don't believe that you can cruise for 5 nights in a balcony on the Navigator for 235 each, of which 108 is port and tax. If I had stayed with the original offer of inside cabin I would have a cost of $27 plus port and tax. I am taking a friend who has never cruised before as a Christmas gift and I wanted to make her experience extra special with a balcony... in future if I cruise alone I would take the inside for that price :)

Next cruise- 12 nights on Carnival Spirit - our first fuill suite- sept 14-26 Vancouver to Hawaii

Dec 13-18- Navigator of the Seas - W Caribbean


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What an interesting comment Barry......Just for fun.... I will live on the edge.....

I have been a member of this community since 2001, have over 2300 posts and granted I do not visit here as often as I used to. However, have been on 27 cruises, have 2 booked for 2010, and consider myself an experienced cruiser and definitely able to discern a real offer from the numerous internet scams that have been around for many years

I came back to update the community and the original poster on this topic, but I can see that you still do not believe this offer to be genuine.
The upgrade fee of 100 pp for Inside to Balcony has been debited by the cruiseline, and I have my confirmation from Royal Caribbean printed out. On line check in is available to be completed on the RCL site should I feel the urge to do so 9 months prior to embarkation.

Happy cruising to all..............