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Re: Diamond Cruise(cruise voucher)

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by Thesmiths, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. Barry

    Barry Well-Known Member

    I was serious, not condescending. You seem to have a issues about my comments. You may remove the chip from your shoulder now. I always say it's a good idea to anyone. Even proffessional posters like you.
  2. cruizer2d

    cruizer2d Well-Known Member

    Hi MortgageChick, I found your responses through google. I, too, am curious about this company. When is your cruise? Hope you have a great time, and please, come back and tell us about it. I haven't been on this site in years--just starting to post again. I've been on this ship--it's really nice. Again, have fun.
  3. MortgageChick

    MortgageChick Well-Known Member

    I have not visited or posted on this board since May 16 of this year , almost 7 months.
    Looking back at some of the responses to my post, perhaps I was overly sensitive. Probably because I had been a contributing member of this forum for 9 years, and I felt a little let down by some of the comments. So lets just leave it at that

    So for the update.......
    On Dec 13, I sail on my first Cruise Voucher cruise on Navigator of the Sas.
    I have 2 other cruises booked now through Cruise Voucher , they are both on Royal Caribbean. One to the Baltics in May 22 2011 and one on the Jewel of the Seas in Feb 2012. I received my luggage tags from ROyal Caribbean last week and have excursions and alternate dining booked with RCl through the Cruise line website. My booking is issued and held by an US Travel Agent, and although I am Canadian 90% of my cruise bookings in the past have been with US Travel Agents, so the previous comment about my UK Travel AGents selling to N AMericans will not be an issue, as some of you pointed out to me that it would or could be.

    I am not going to spend too much time explaining myself. If any of you reading this are interested in booking mostly Celebrity and ROyal Caribbean cruises including Allure and Oasis, for a small fraction of the cost that you do now, please feel free to private message me over the next week , I will be checking them daily until I leave next week. I am not going to post web addresses or any other information that is against board rules, as I don't want my post deleted.

    I thought it was necessary to return here to give you an update. I do miss you guys.....

    Happy cruising to all

  4. Calgon1

    Calgon1 Awaiting results of mental evaluation

    QUACK :thankyou:

    Check PMs.
  5. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Well-Known Member

    Hello Sharon..hope you and DH have a wonderful time on the cruise..May it be amongst your best ever..Hope you have lovely holidays..and return often..you are missed...hugs Joanne
  6. MortgageChick

    MortgageChick Well-Known Member

    Just a quick note of thanks to those that PM me yesterday :)

    9 days til I sail on the Navigator
  7. MortgageChick

    MortgageChick Well-Known Member

    Good Morning Cruise Addicts,

    Well I returned last Saturday from the Navigator of the Seas and my first of 3 booked cruises with Cruise Voucher.( also Baltic in May 2011 on Vision of the Seas, and Caribbean in Feb 2012 on Jewel of the Seas) As I promised I am back to let you all know that this is the real thing. My friend and I had a wonderful time, and there was no indication from the cruise line that my booking was any different from any other passenger. My cruise also counts for my C and A status. I will not go into further detail here as I dont want to break the site rules.
    PM me if you wish to discuss off line

    On another note, my cruise was a Diamond /DOuble DIamond event, so lots of seasoned RCL cruisers. At the C and A reception, the captain presented one passenger with a bottle of champagne and some kind of "trophy" for have sailed with Royal Caribbean 281 times !!!!!!!

    Merry Christmas everyone
  8. Krazy Kruizers

    Krazy Kruizers Holland America Specialist

    WOW -- 281 times on one cruise line!!
  9. reggae

    reggae Well-Known Member

    Welcome back! Sounds like it was a great cruise, too!

    I remember back when we first started sailing with RCCL, and they had a gathering in one of the lounges. This was before there was recognition for how many cruises, etc, back in the early 80's.

    The Captain had asked an older couple to stand up. He gave them a bottle of champagne for that being their 100th cruise! The audience was amazed! This was back when RCCL had only three little ships.

    I remember thinking how wonderful that would be! We spent a little time with that sweet couple and enjoyed talking to them about all of their other travels too.

    We only have a measly 30+ cruises with RCI now, but we have enjoyed each and every one, and all the wonderful perks throughout the years.
  10. DevBrown

    DevBrown New Member

    I too am a bit skeptical. I only see one person here actually responding that her cruise was successful but there were several who stated that they had purchased these vouchers. I found them on eBay and would like to purchase for my honeymoon in August if they are legit but I do NOT wish to have my trip ruined by some of the things I have seen posted here. Can anyone other than MortgageChick confirm that these are useful and worth the money???
  11. capncruiser

    capncruiser Active Member

    I too can confirm the legitimacy of the Cruise Direct (now known as CruiseMiles) program. We have now been on 3 CruiseMiles Cruises (Carnival Elation 2/2011, Celebrity Millenium 2/2012, and RCCL Jewel 4/2012) with 5 more booked (Carnival Conquest 9/2012, Carnival Splendor [15 days to Hawaii!] 1/2013, RCCL Allure 5/2013, Carnival Victory 9/2013, and RCCL Legend of the Seas [15 days through the Panama Canal] 11/2013). This company is definitely all they say they are and more. {{We have also received e-mail ads from a US company calling themselves CRUISE DIRECT, but our dealings are with a UK agency and they have never failed to provide a first-class cruise.}}
    Once we got on each cruise, there was no one who knew (or cared) that we were there for approximately a third of what the majority of the other passengers paid. We could just sit back and (smugly) enjoy that fact!
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2012
  12. Cruizer

    Cruizer Well-Known Member

    I know someone who buys these vouchers and has used many of them. She is quite happy with them. They are not for everybody, but if you can put them to good use, they do seem to be a good (and legitimate) deal.

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