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re jet skis on private island



does anyone know if you can rent jet ski's on princess quays, if not on any of the islands that we will be visiting on nov 30/02 we are sailing on the dawn princess
the islands we are visiting are barbados, dominica, curacao margarita island and st thomas we are also trying to find out roughly how much they will cost


Princess does not have jet skis on their island (bummer). That's what we wanted to do too. Not sure about the other islands. I think St. Thomas has it's own website. Maybe if you go there and search "jet ski" or "waverunner" you will find some.

It's really nice there, has a great layout. Lots of shade or sun to suit your pleasure. The only thing you want to make sure of is to wear something on your feet (watershoes or flip flops) the beach is rocky.