Reasonable hotel in Ft Lauderdale


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Would like some advice on a reasonable hotel that has free transportation from airport to hotel and some kind of transportation from hotel to port. Do you know of any?

Is it best to get a hotel near the airport or in downtown FtL or just where?

It will be a Nov cruise

Gayle V

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Hi glo-ree-bee,

Here's what little info I can offer..

The hotels nearer the airport will usually be a bit cheaper. The ones near the port are also near the canals and the beach. But cost wise, the airport is not all that far away from the port in Ft. Lauderdale. Barely a 10 minute drive so a taxi won't cost a bunch.

So far in Fort Lauderdale, we have stayed at:

The Pelican Grand: pricey, but fabulous hotel, right on the rather narrow beach. Unfortunately it's farther north and the taxis cost a bit much.
The Embassy Suites: Nice, reasonable, free breakfast, and close to port
The Hyatt Place: Near airport, free breakfast, and free shuttle to ship, and reasonable price, if I remember correctly. Room was nice, with sofa sitting area.
The Marriott in Hollywood Beach: Very nice hotel. Farther south, right on a fabulous beach, but pricey. No free shuttle or breakfast.

Gayle V

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Hello Glo -ree-bee. A quick correction here. I've been informed by a very reliable source that the Hyatt Place really isn't near the airport and is actually close to the Embassy Suites.

My information was from my memory which can be sketchy at times. I only remember that it was a very quick ride from airport to hotel. Good luck with whatever you choose.

George C

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Love the Embassy suite, only a few blocks from total wine, here is a discount code u can use with embassey or any Hilton saved us over 30 dollars on last stay- this was posted by Mike about a year ago

Try this corporate code : 560041604. It's for their MVP program. It saved us $80 a night for our stay coming up in Sept.

need to join hilton honors then use code above ( joining is free)


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Glo - a lot depends on if you're simply looking for a place to sleep overnight, then go to the ship, or if you prefer to be in the middle of things - go out to eat, stop at a supermarket or liquor store for "provisions", etc.

Hotels near the airport, most of which have free shuttle service from airport to hotel, will generally be less expensive. But there will also be fewer restaurants nearbyn (possibly, nothing within walking distance), and you'll need transportation to the pier. With a few, you might be able to arrange shuttle transport to the pier but I can't think of any offhand who will offer this free of charge.

Hotels IN Fort Lauderdale, such as the Embassy Suites, Hyatt Place, and several others offer shuttle service from the airport and you can arrange shuttle service to the pier. These hotels, depending upon traffic, are around 10-15 minutes from the airport, and the same to Port Everglades.

Contrary to what I've found in the past, the cruise lines are offering pre and post cruise packages that include transfers from airport to hotel, hotel to pier at rates pretty comparable to what you can obtain on your own, or cheaper. I'm referring to hotels such as Embassy Suites. When you're budgeting, remember that Embassy Suites includes free, full breakfast (all you can eat) in the rate (not just a Continental breakfast) and, if you're there late afternoon/evening, complimentary Happy Hour with "nibbles" that can constitute a meal.
I personally like the Hampton Inn Fort Lauderdale Downtown City Center. It doesn't have an airport shuttle but it is only about 6 miles from the airport. It has breakfast included and a cruise package with two one-way transports to Port Everglades.