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Received Captain's Circle Packet

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by cannonball, Oct 27, 2002.

  1. cannonball

    cannonball Guest

    Finally, after all this waiting I received my Captain's Circle Packet! Has any one actually gotten the $10 credit, as in have you seen it on your docs for you cruise?
  2. A2Bob

    A2Bob Guest


    Between the time we received our documents for our Nov. 6th sailing and now we have filled out our profile and the site says we both have a $10 shipboard credit on a "FUTURE
    cruise". I will be sorely dissapointed if we cannot use this credit on our upcoming cruise!
    I would think that the credit would show up on your account as shown when you board.
    If not, I will have to know the reason why not!

  3. cannonball

    cannonball Guest

    Did you have any problems registering online after you received your packet? Because although I am entering the info exactly as it is on my packet it is still giving me an error message.

    Thanks, cannonball
  4. Sandy R

    Sandy R Guest

    I had a terrible time registering for the $10 shipboard credit. I finally called 1/800-PRINCESS, and a very nice agent registered for me and then for my husband. The next day, I went back to the website and printed out the page that said we were entitled to the $10 shipboard credit. We will be sailing on the Star in December and I plan to take the print-outs with us!
  5. A2Bob

    A2Bob Guest


    Yes, I did have some problems registering at first. The first problem turned out to be that
    even though there was no place to put my middle name, I had to put it after my first name.

    e.g., if my name were John Quincy Public, I had to enter it as :
    First Name - John Quincy
    Last Name- Public

    The second problem was it kept telling me that I had not completed the section where it asked about past travels. It turned out that I needed to enter something for every line, even
    if it was "never". The next problem seemed to be that at a certain point that there was an overload or something online and I would be thrown offline before completing the process.
    At other times I could not even get to the site, it would say "try later". I feel I certainly have earned the shipboard credit. I would not be surprised if Princess updated the site to accomodate the heavier traffic online, because after I finally was able to complete my registration, I had no problem at all registering my wife immediatley afterwards.

  6. A2Bob

    A2Bob Guest


    Good idea. We, too, will be taking the printouts with us in case they can't access this info
    online while on the ship. I know they have an internet access site on the ship, but you never know if the clerks at the check-in or pursers desks can get online to check it.

  7. Lindsay

    Lindsay Guest

    What is the Captain's Circle "Packet"? I don't remember getting this. I've been receiving various sale pamphlets from Princess and my Captain's Circle number is on the front. I had to call Princess for my daughter's number. It's the same, except with a different letter at the end. I went online and registered our numbers and it says we have the $10 credit each. I printed both. I still don't know what this "packet" is, though. You can e-mail me at Linsifer@aol.com Thanks!
  8. cannonball

    cannonball Guest

    The packet includes a survey that is the same thing as you fill out online, a "passport" that you can write in where you have cruised, and a membership card. It also gives you direction about how to register online and get the $10 onboard credit.

    BTW: I finally was able to register online, but I had to call Princess to get it all straightened out. Glad to report that they were very nice and the representative I talked to was determined to get me working!
  9. Cannonball - if the passport you are referring to is the same one I just got on the Star Princess (my first Princess Cruise after the "new" Captain's Circle plan came out) you won't need to wite much in it and you will get a 'sticker' to put in it on each cruise you take with Princess. Laurey
  10. KreinKrunker

    KreinKrunker Guest

    We got the $10 credit for my wife, but couldn't for me, as supposedly I had no cruise history. There was nothing I could do about it, it is something that had to be entered by Princess. Anyway we used the credit on the Sept 30 sailing of the Ocean.
  11. Elise

    Elise Guest

    I just returned from the July 17 sailing of the Royal Princess and received my $10.00 credit on board. Also no problem with free Internet. They charge and remove at the end of cruise. This is only to let home office see how much it is being used. Final statement showed removal of charges - no problem

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