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Received Pre-docs



for my May 27th Grand cruise. Now I'm getting really excited. I'll be reading every word of them tonight. Received a video of the Grand also. Thanks Lori C!


Pat....glad you got those docs...now you know it's coming!!!! It will be here before you know it. The Grand looks beautiful. I can't believe that we only have 11 1/2 days until we leave! Enjoy reading them over and over...then fill them out then read them again...lol...have done my several times and they still say the same thing!!


That is great Pat....maybe I will get mine this week. Did you and your group book the Champaigne catamaran cruise in St Thomas to St John?


You guys are going to have the Best time on the Grand...I was there April 8th and could not believe how wonderful it all was!!!!! Sure wish I could go again this month!!!! Don't forget to try the cold soups and of course the Love Boat Dream for dessert....If you love chocolate (and who doesn't) this is the most wonderful chocolate dessert I have ever had...(sorry to say, I had one every night) 999 more miles on the tread machine should take care of these extra pounds...but it was worth it....had the best cruise ever on the Grand...