Red October for St. Petersburg


Lisa S.

If anyone has used this organization recently, please advise quality of tour and how the acquisition of a VISA works. Our family is sailing on 8/16 on the Regatta (Oceania Cruises) and we're trying to figure out how best to do St. Petersburg.


I am using them on Aug 6-7. You go to thier web page and from there you e-mail them with the date and what you might want. They will get back to you with a program and price. They provide the Visa that allows you off the ship in thier custody. You do not get a personal visa that allows you to come and go on your own. Once you agree on the program they send you passes to get off the ship and meet your guide. You pay them there, not in advance. They do no, repeat do not take Traverl's checks. Cash or credit card. Here is the E-mail address:



I used Red October in June, they were fantastic. We agreed on our itinerary and price ahead of time. There were no surprises, everything was just as planned. We ate one day with a Russian family and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. One of the couples with us wanted to try a few other stores beside the Red October store and they accomodated them without a problem. They did make sure that we saw all of our agreed on places of interest first, then we went to 2 stores that the ship had recommended. (they were just the same as the Red October store in my opinion) We had 8 in our group and our price was $414 per couple for 2 days, meals were an additional $60 for the 2 days per couple. Some of the other Red October groups from the ship brought food from the ship (to save time and money, I think) our lunch stops only took 45 min to an hour and we all appreciated the break.


what ship did you go on? Did you go to Moscow alsoGoing to the Baltic on Grand Princess 5-19-04